Google Improves the 'Featured Snippets' With a New Search AI

To show reliable snippets in it’s search results, Google is set to use a new Search AI called Multitask Unified Model – which will use the general consensus from top-quality sources before recommending an information snippet.

And when there’s no source, Google will put up an advisory at the top of the results. Also, Google is expanding the accessibility of the About this result section by adding more languages and other details to let the users decide on its trustworthiness.

Showing Better Featured Snippets

In order to save your time in finding answers for direct queries, Google shows a snippet from a top blog that’s relevant to your question. While these featured snippets are so helpful – as they let you find answers without visiting the websites – they’re often disputed on their reliability.

Thus, Google decided to make them better by using a new Search AI called the Multitask Unified Modelthat’ll consider the general consensus from top-rated sites answering for a similar query. Google Search AI can detect such snippet call-outs from blogs even if they use different words or concepts to describe the same fact or idea.

Using this, Google noted the method has “meaningfully improved the quality and helpfulness of featured snippet callouts.” In case of queries made with false premises, Google tweaked the Search AI to show no or fewer snippets for quick information. And in the case where Google can’t decide the reliability of a featured snippet, it’ll show an advisory at the top of search results – leaving the choice of trusting the source to users.

Besides this, Google is expanding the accessibility of the “About this result” section by adding 8 more languages – Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, and Indonesian. Also, new details like how popular the publication is and to whom it belongs to are also shown to let users decide on it’s trustworthiness.

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