Google maps dark mode
Google maps dark mode

Bettering our experience on the web, Google released new updates to it’s Search, Maps, and AR shopping features in the search results.

With these, a user can look for desired goods or items in nearby restaurants, find it’s ingredients and even order if available. Further, the Maps will now tell users nearby EV charging stations through it’s Live View feature, and the AR shopping has various skin-tone pictures to make your shopping easy.

New Features to Google Suite

Google rolled out a new update for it’s Maps app on Android and iOS, which enhanced the Live View feature with more information. Users can find any points of interest, like ATMs, and transit stations, on their way to their destination while in Live View and think of stopping by if needed.

Further, the Live View is capable of pointing EV charging stations around you, with details like availability, business, charging pin type, etc. Well, this will be coming to Los Angeles, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo only, for now.

Also, Google Maps will now show locations with wheelchair accessibility for everyone globally. Users need to check the “Accessible Places” in the settings menu to see eligible places. This feature has been in testing for months in a few countries and now it’s coming everywhere.

Aside from this, Search is improved to let users find their desired food item in any nearby restaurant and order them online, if supported. Google will browse through the menus of those restaurants to check your item and surface information about it’s price, ingredients, etc.

Lastly, Google revamped the AR shopping feature for it’s Search to include a library of 148 models – to make it easier to find your exact foundation match. The models represent a diverse spectrum of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities, and skin types, offering you a better visualization of items suiting your body or face.

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