Google Pixel And Pixel XL Signal Fix

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How to fix Google Pixel And Pixel XL Signal Fix.

Step by step instructions to Fix Signal On Google Pixel and Pixel XL


Signal Fix

Go to the Dial pad

Sort or input/dial in (*#*#4636#*#*) NOTE: No compelling reason to press the send button, it will consequently show up the Service mode

Enter Service mode

Select on “device info” or “Phone info”

Select Run Ping test

Tap on the Turn Radio Off button and afterward the Pixel and Pixel XL will restart

Select reboot


APN Settings:

Have a go at contacting your network provider to get specific APN (Access Point Name) settings for your phone. In order to add the specific APN setting on your smartphone, head over to your phone’s Settings and press onto Wireless & Networks. Then scroll down to More and press on Mobile Networks.Then select Access Point Names and select the plus ‘+’ icon to add desired APN.

If the settings are correct then you can also try to delete it completely and then add it again, this time through a manual step. In order to delete the APN settings, under the Access Point Names in Settings, press onto on the 3-dot menu. Then select Delete APN and then enter the APN information manually13.

Wi-Fi Calling:

Have a go at turning on this feature, go to your phone’s Settings and enable Wi-Fi Calling to fix the issue.


Restarting Your Smartphone:

Have a go at restarting your smartphone to see if this can resolve the issue at hand.


Safe Mode:

Have a go at rebooting your Google Pixel smartphone in safe mode to make sure that it is not any third party App that is causing the problem.


Network Settings:

You can have a go at resetting your phone’s network Settings > select More > touch Network Settings Reset > tap Reset Settings.


SIM Card:

Have a go at taking out the the SIM card from your Google Pixel smartphone, clean it and reinsert it. Then restart your smartphone and also ensure that Airplane Mode is switched off.


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