Google Play Games PC Beta app is Expanding to More Countries

Months after testing with limited people in certain areas, Google is now expanding it’s Play Games PC beta app to more regions.

Also, Google has worked to bring down the minimum PC hardware requirements to run it’s Play Games PC app and the Android games through it. While it hopes to give an enriching experience, it still can’t guarantee smooth support.

More Regions and Better Support

With the Android community having millions of games to play, having them playable on PC has been much requested for ages. Acknowledging this, both Microsoft and Google have partnered to make a dedicated Play Games app for PCs, to let Windows users run Android games for free.

Though we had a bunch of emulators to make this happen, they aren’t as good as something that’s native. So having a dedicated service made by the concerned OEMs is much better. Thus, the Google Play Games PC app was launched early this year to a few users in select regions.

Currently, in beta testing, Google is expanding the Play Games PC app to the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. Though the testing contains only a small number of the total games available in the Android ecosystem, it’s still good to have them.

Microsoft earlier tried enabling this support through the Windows Subsystem for Android, which, too, isn’t that great. But with the dedicated Google Play Games PC app, we can play Android games in a similar fashion to that of a phone or a tablet.

Aside from this, Google is also bringing down the minimum PC requirements for running it’s app – with users now needing only 8GB RAM, 10GB free space of SSD, Windows 10 OS, an Intel UHD Graphics 630 or equivalent GPU, and a CPU with at least four cores, a turned on hardware virtualization and access to the Windows administrator account.

Even with all these, Google still can’t guarantee that all the Android apps will function smoothly but for it’s Play Games app. So if you’re still interested in trying this out, head to the Google Play Games website and sign up.

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