Change Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 Model has been built with really good features. It has been reviewed as one of the best Selling Phones this year, and users are quite satisfied with its experience. This phone has been designed, and features are set very uniquely, making this model more demanding than others. Now while you choose to buy such a uniquely designed phone, you would also wish to have a wallpaper that will distinguish it from others. This is something that you will see in your daily life a hundred times whenever you open your phone. Beauty catches the eye more, so keeping a good wallpaper is equally important as decorating your phone in your own way. You can choose to change wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22 or change the home screen whenever you want, following some simple steps. Let’s check out the ways.

Steps to change Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22:

 Open your device and tap, and hold on to an empty space in your phone

Go to the “Wallpapers ” Option

Tap “My Wallpapers” or “Gallery” and choose from the wider options available or any personal picture you want to keep on your wallpaper.

If you have selected the “My Wallpapers ” option, tap on the preferred wallpaper from the available options. If you wish to choose from “Gallery” tap on the picture or video you wish to keep as your wallpaper and then press Done.

Now choose from the option “ Home Screen” or “ Lock Screen” or “Both” where you want this to be shown.

You will then see a preview of what it will look like on your phone as wallpaper whereby you can adjust the ratio by pinching in and out or dragging as per your choice.

Now Click on “Set on Home screen” or “Set on Lock screen” or “Set on Home and Lock screens” to save your new wallpaper for your device.

Set new Wallpaper from your Gallery

 Open your device and click on Gallery.

Select the image or video you want to be set as the wallpaper. Please note if you choose a video as wallpaper, it will only be played for the first 15 seconds.

Go to more options and tap on “ Set as wallpaper”.

Now again, choose from the option ” Home Screen” or ” Lock Screen” or “Both” where you want this to be shown.

A preview will be available of what it will look like, and there you can adjust the picture or video as per your wish by zooming in or out.

Now Save it by clicking on “Set on Homescreen” or “ Set on Lockscreen” or you can choose this to be displayed on both home and Lock Screen.

 Download New Wallpapers Online 

Open your device and tap, and hold on to an empty space in your phone

Go to the “Wallpapers ” Option

Click on ” Explore more Wallpapers”.

Now click on ” Wallpapers ” at the bottom of your screen and choose your favorite image. You can also click on the Top to see the popular images or search for an image by tapping the search option at the top right of the screen, or you can also browse from the color palette or category.

Once you get your favorite image, tap on the image and ” Download ” it.

Once this is downloaded, click on “Apply” to automatically apply your selected wallpaper or tap the back arrow to download more wallpapers from the “ My Wallpapers” folder and follow the same procedure again.

Activate Dynamic Lock Screen 

Open your device and click on “ Wallpaper Services” from the wallpaper menu.

Click on “Dynamic Lock Screen “ and apply.


Who doesn’t like Surprises, right? Galaxy S22 comes with this unique personalized option to choose from a variety of animated screensavers to use for your Home or Lock Screen. This also has features that randomly change the picture every few minutes, which comes to you as a surprise whenever you open your phone. Yes, this changes every time! So some of these features in the Samsung Galaxy S22 make your phone distinctively yours.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.



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