How to Charge iPhone11 Properly

What good is a smartphone if it doesn’t have a good battery backup? An iPhone 11 is equipped with great features and to exploit them, its battery shouldn’t run dry quickly. Taking care of the cell within the iPhone ensures its longevity. This article explains how to charge iPhone correctly so your iPhone once charged will last for maximum hours.

Using the right charger

It is always advisable that you use the charger that comes with your iPhone device. iPhone 11 comes with a 5-watt slow charger but it supports up to an 18-watt charger. Using an 18 watt will speed up the charging process. You can buy the supporting cable with this adapter to charge your phone. Apple Store offers some third-party chargers also which will not harm the cell of your iPhone.

However, you must not buy products that are cheap replicas or substitutes of Apple chargers. Such chargers do not meet the standards set by Apple are never charge your phone with the right voltage. This will destroy the cell of your iPhone 11.

Never leave your iPhone on charge overnight

It might be quite convenient for you just to leave your iPhone on charge overnight. Modern day chargers don’t take 8 hours to charge anymore. iPhone uses Lithium-ion batteries. They charge quickly and last longer. Moreover, they are light and yet have a capacity to hold charge for a longer period. It is wise that you don’t wait for your battery to drain out to zero before you power it up.

Apple recommends that users keep their iPhones charged up to 80%. Running your iPhone’s battery to zero everyday will only harm its life. If you see the battery down to about 20% or 30% charge it up. The new high-speed chargers have the ability to juice up your smartphone in just 30 minutes.

Always have an extra charger at your office or in your car so if you find your iPhone’s battery fading, you can quickly charge it. This will help your iPhone’s battery to remain in a good shape.

Charge your battery before leaving it idle for a long time

How to Charge iPhone Properly

If for any reason you will not be using your device for a long time but you want it to work without causing any problems later on, then you must charge your iPhone to atleast 50% before you turn it off. When the cell is left idle, it may die if there is no charge. But when the phone is charged then the battery doesn’t die out completely. Your battery health isn’t impacted when you leave it idle after charging it.

Should I use fast charge?

All iPhones 8 and above come with Fast Charge feature and when the iPhone is equipped with this feature, the iOS and the battery together charge safely but quickly without overheating or causing any harm to your iPhone or its battery. iPhone 11 too is compatible for fast charge. Even though it comes with a 5 watt slow charger you can buy 18-watt charger to use this feature. Fast charging doesn’t cause any problems to your phone as long as the smartphone has been developed with the feature and you are using the right charger for it.

Some additional tips

Along with charging your iPhone in the right way, you must also use certain battery-saving features to keep your phone’s battery in good health. Here are some features that you must use:

  • Use Dark Mode
  • Turn down the brightness
  • Always check battery usage
  • Use Low Power Mode at times
  • Keep you iOS updated
  • Auto-Lock screen with least time limit

Use these tips to charge your iPhone correctly. Using these easy recommendations will always let your iPhone have a good battery life.



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