Disable Chrome Tab Groups on Android

Earlier, the tabs used to appear vertically cascaded (spanning the screen length-wise). This view permits the user to see one website at a time. A server-side update on the Google Chrome browser for Android devices has changed the tab view. After this update, the tabs are now visible in a grid layout. This enables several sites that have been opened to be viewed at one time, without the others being obscured.

This update has also enabled an avenue for the Tab Groups that was something unseen earlier. This lets the tabs to be organized giving a smooth look. This feature is quite useful for users who use Google Chrome too much and have several tabs open. This update enables them to locate their choice of tab irrespective of the number of tabs that are opened at that time.

However, several users don’t find this feature to be as useful. For instance, some are finding it difficult to use one-hand use of smartphones more difficult as the tabs are placed right on top of the screen instead of being arranged at the center. The others find the grid placement to be unattractive. Despite some advantages, some are already considering the feature not to be an interesting one. They rather wish go back to the same vertical look and want to disable it.

If you too want to change this grid view of Google Chrome tabs, then we have for you a way that will allow you to disable this feature and go back to using the original vertical layout.

You can get back the vertical layout with the help of Chrome Flags. Before using Chrome Flags, you must understand what it is and how it works:

What are Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags are features that are not originally a part of the Chrome experience by default. They are simply experimental that is usually meant for users and some tend to make their way to original versions used by the public while the others are used by developers and eventually become a part of Chrome Developer Tools after they have been released.

  • After enabling a Chrome Flag, the browser must be relaunched. Post this all the same windows and tabs will reopen.
  • Chrome Flags are not stable as they are experimental and may crash or become erroneous. These features are yet to be tested before they can make their way to main Chrome.
  • Chrome Flags don’t undergo security tests and are likely to be insecure. You must not perform financial or other sensitive activities on this browser. If you do, you must disable the Chrome Flags before proceeding.

If you still wish to continue, here is how you can proceed to disable Chrome Tab Groups on Android:

Steps to disable Chrome Tab Groups on Android:

Type chrome://flags/ on your Chrome browser

In the Search Flags bar enter Tab Grid and enter

The Chrome Flag will appear by the details – Tab Grid Layout

Click to select it and change the value from Default to Disabled

Chrome will then prompt to relaunch the browser so the changes can take place. However, you can wait and disable other flags before relaunching

Next in the Search bar, you need to write Tab Strip and click on the option with details Conditional Tab Strip flag. Change its value to Disabled

Next in the Search bar, you need to write Tab Groups and click on the option with details Tab Groups. Change its value to Disabled

Click on the Relaunch option at the bottom right side of the screen.

Once the Chrome is relaunched the effect may not place at the first restart. You must restart Chrome a couple of times for the change to take effect.

All your tabs will now be displayed in the original older layout that you actually liked.

Follow the above steps and get back your older version of displaying tabs in Google Chrome, just like you had before.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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