Enable Secure Folder On Android

A Secure Folder allows you to store important files or documents in it with an additional layer of security. It offers the privacy of access and secure space to the user. It is a feature that only Samsung Galaxy offers to their users.

Advantages of a Secure Folder:

A secure folder separates sensitive data from the normal ones and allows the user its safekeeping in a protected place.

Offers the user to manage accounts on an application on the same device without having to log in and log out of them every time you want to access them. For instance, you can have two social media profiles on the same smartphone, one of which is accessed from the Home Page of your Android phone while the other can be accessed from the Secure Folder. Another example could be storing certain photos in the Google Photos app in the Secured Folder so that no one can access them while keeping general pictures in the Google Photos app on the device’s Home Page, which everyone may see. The apps within the Secure Folder are highlighted in red.

If you accidentally lose your phone and they manage to get inside your phone, then having a Secure Folder is indeed a boon. Important files, apps, photos, and folders that you want to keep secure will stay safe in this folder.

How to enable Secure Folder on Android Samsung Galaxy Phones:

Follow the step-by-step instructions to enable Secure Folder on your Android Samsung Galaxy phone(s):

Go to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone and tap on Biometrics and Security

Here look for Secure Folder and tap on it

Next, Tap on Continue

The phone will ask for Permissions for Secure Folder requesting access to Calendar, Contacts, Storage, and Phone – Tap on it to continue creating the Secure Folder – you may be prompted for your Samsung account credentials. You need to sign in with it

You will be then asked to chose a lock type for the Secure Folder created – you can select between the options of pattern, pin, and fingerprint. Once you have set up the lock type, a Secure Folder will be created

You can customize the folder by choosing not to reveal the notifications etc. You must also ensure that you lock the Secure Folder as soon as you have created it – Secure Folder > Menu > Auto Lock Secure Folder – select the option Each Time I Leave an App

Safe Folder on Google Devices

For those who don’t have Samsung Galaxy phones but are using a Google device can also have a private area to secure their files. This feature is known as a Safe Folder. Users can store files and folders in this Safe Folder, but they cannot store any applications in it. Yet, it is a beneficial feature and can be helpful to users. Here is how you can activate it:

On your Home Page, locate and tap on My Files application

You will find Safe Folder if you scroll down

Select how you will like to access the Safe Folder – pin or pattern, set it, and then confirm your action

If you want to store any files or folders in this Safe File, then open My Files, locate the file and then tap on the Menu option (the three dots icon), and select Move to Safe Folder

Your file or folder will be moved to the Safe Folder and will be accessible only if you put the security code

Follow the above instructions to enable a Secure Folder and keep your documents, apps, or files safe.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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