Note 8 wireless charging problem

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How to Fix Wireless Charging paused on Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy note 8 is a next-generation Android device from Samsung loaded with an endless number of features. The device is capable enough to handle any kind of task and even the most high-end applications effortlessly. You can rely on its capabilities and the device is surely not going to disappoint you.

The Galaxy Note 8 is also very popular for its fast wireless charging feature. You can simply put it on the charging platform and can pick up a fully charged phone in less than an hour.

The only reported problem with the wireless charging is that it gets paused sometimes with an error message. Finding your Samsung wireless charging pad blinking blue means the charging has paused. The reason behind the Note 8 wireless charging problem could be hardware damage like the charging accessories but in most cases, it is due to the internal software issue. If you are facing the same problem with your note 8 don’t worry as we have listed some methods which can be applied to restore the normal functioning of your device.

Fixes for Note 8 wireless charging problem


The first method is rebooting your phone. System bugs are generally reliant on the current session of the device operating system and rebooting or restarting can fix it. In case you are unable to restart it you can try the force reboot. Here is how you can perform force reboot on your Galaxy Note 8

The first step is to press and hold the volume down button.

While holding the volume down button press and hold the power button.

Keep holding both the buttons for around 10 seconds this will force reboot the phone.

Verifying the charging cables

If the above method is not working and you still find the wireless charging paused on note 8 then the next thing you should do is to check the charging accessories to make sure they are not making any problems.

Check the charging pad and the cables. If the Samsung wireless charger not working on note 8 replace it with a new one. Third party chargers may not work appropriately so don’t buy them and always use the original Samsung chargers.

If the problem continues even on using a charger in perfect working condition then proceed to the next method.

Resetting system settings

The next possible way to fix the wireless charger not working on note 8 problems is by resetting all settings. Resetting the system settings is a really easy task but in case you don’t know how it’s done here are the steps.

Go to the settings app.

Click on the General Management

Tap reset and then reset all settings.

Now check for the problem again.

Note 8 wireless charging problem

Safe mode

Another reason behind the note 8 wireless charging problem could be an installed application. To check whether an application is causing the problem or not is to boot your device in the safe mode.¬†This is how it’s done:

Turn off your phone

Now press and hold the power button until the Samsung logo.

Hold the volume down button immediately after leaving the power key.

Keep holding it until the device restarts.

You will see safe mode in the bottom left corner.

Now check for the problem while your phone is in safe mode.

If your phone runs perfectly fine while in safe mode. Then it is absolutely sure that a third party application is causing it and thus you must remove all the third-party applications from your phone.

Installing the updates

Updates are released in order to resolve any bugs which are found in the previous version of the software. Therefore installing updates might restore the normal functioning of your phone.

  • To manually check and install the available updates go to settings and then to software updates.

Factory Reset

The last or the final method is the factory reset. However, it is a more complex process which deletes all the previous data and applications installed on the device. So make sure you make a backup of the important files before proceeding with the method.

Here is how you can Factory Reset your device.

First, make a backup of all the important files on the Google drive.

Now go to the settings.

Click on General Management and then Reset.

Click on Factory Data Reset and then tap the Reset Device option.

If the Screen lock is active you have to enter your password.

Now tap continue and then delete all.

This will reset your phone and hopefully, the charging problem will be resolved.

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