How To Print Multiple Pictures On One Page

Printing pictures from your printer is the same as printing other documents. But it might be a bit tricky when you need to print multiple images. When you have many pictures that you wish to print, but you do not like wasting paper, you may print multiple pictures on a single page. This is referred to as a photo or image layout. Traditionally, you might have used photo editing tools such as Photoshop to merge the pictures on a collage. But printing hundreds of pictures might be a bit time-consuming. Apart from that, some other quite obvious hassle is the picture size, spacing, quality, and many more. Here we have discovered some of the straightforward and simplest methods to print multiple pictures on one page. Before you begin, you need to make sure that you have turned your printer on, are properly connected to your computer, and are filled with the proper paper size.

How to Print multiple pictures on one page?

You can use your computer. There are some official methods as well as other workarounds for printing multiple images on a single paper. Irrespective of whether you use Windows or a Mac desktop, using your computer might be the easiest way of printing multiple pictures. However, the steps will vary on both devices. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Printing on Windows

  • First, open the folder and select the pictures you are in the hunt for printing.
  • Then, perform a right click on your selected pictures, and after that, select More options. If you are using Windows 10, skip this step.
  • Click on Print.
  • Next, select the printer, the quality of the print, and the size of the paper.
  • Scroll down from the list available on the right and then select an appropriate layout.
  • Then click Print.

Printing on Mac

Open the Photos App first. Next, click on Library and then select the pictures.

  • Foremost, click on File and then select Print.
  • Select a format in the print options.
  • Then select a printer and review some other vital settings.
  • Click on Print.
  • Specify the print options on the Print dialog, and then click Print.

Make a collage

When you need to manually change the actual image that has to be printed, you might have to create one collage for this. This created collage is a workaround option as it needs some work. With any photo editing application, you can create collages. For this tutorial, Photoshop has been used. For using Photoshop to create a collage, the below-mentioned steps need to be followed:

  • First, open Photoshop and then create a new document.
  • Then click on File on the menu bar.
  • Select Automate and then select Contact Sheet II
  • Select Files available besides use.
  • Click on browse, then select the images and click Open.
  • Set the structure of your document, under Document.
  • Change the layout of your images under Thumbnail.
  • Uncheck the option Use Filename as Caption and then click on Ok.
  • To open the print options, press Ctrl + P
  • Make the necessary changes and then click Print.
  • Select the printer on the pop-up window and click Print.

Printing multiple pictures on one page Microsoft Word

By first selecting all the images you can print multiple pictures. For that, left click on your mouse and then you get an option to print all the pictures immediately by just right-clicking them. Multiple pictures on a page can be printed at a much lower cost than printing multiple images on multiple pages. You may reduce your environmental impact as you will not need to use a lot of papers. You can use a collage maker independently or maybe as a part of an online service. To make a collage that includes all the images you wish to include, you simply need to select all the photos and open them in the collage maker application or collage maker service online. Using a built-in feature on your operating system might be quite simple or if not you can download an additional third party software. Also, this method eliminates the requirement of downloading any additional software. Please also remember to delete any files or copies when uploaded to an online service or site so as to protect your data or privacy, if the delete option is made available of course. Some sites/apps auto delete.

Printing multiple photos Online on one page

When we talk about printing multiple photos on a page, there are some different ways in which you may go about it. One option is using an online photo printing service to help you upload your images and then print those out on a page. Also, another option is using a photo editing program to create a collage of your photos and then print that out. Otherwise, you may simply print every photo separately and then tape them together to create one big photo. Whatsoever methods you select, printing multiple images on a page is a great way to save paper and money.

Printing a single image multiple times on a page

Follow the below steps to do so:

  • First, right click on the picture that you wish to print.
  • Then select More options, and click on Print.
  • Select the printer and then select the quality and paper size.
  • As per your requirement, select the layout. If you wish four copies of the image, choose the option with four sections.
  • On the bottom left corner, you need to set copies of the picture according to the layout.
  • Click Print.

Wrapping up

This article explains the methods of orienting multiple images on a piece of paper. Remember that the maximum number of images that can be printed is 35. You may choose the photos you wish to choose by holding the Ctrl key when you click on them. For printing the selected photos, perform a right click on them and then select Print. You will get a single paper that contains the image that you choose.

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