Remap the Bixby key on the Galaxy S20

You may have heard of Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant that is pre-installed on Galaxy S20. It is a core part of the software, but all Samsung users would not like Bixby to be a part of the phone. It is easy to hit Bixby accidentally a lot. Thanks to Samsung that helps to turn off all the instances so that it does not annoy you. Bixby is hidden when you long-press the Power button, its automation features, voice recognition, and also on the phone’s home screen of your Galaxy S20. Removing this won’t break any of the functions of the phone. With many complaints received, Samsung introduced remapping the Bixby button. But, how to remap the Bixby key on the Galaxy S20? Keep reading to know the process.

What is Remapping in Samsung S20?

Remapping in Samsung Galaxy S20 means that you can easily launch any app that you like with the Bixby button by a single or a double press. Bixby is present on the left side of the Galaxy S20.

How to Remap the Bixby Key on the Galaxy S20?

Samsung has allowed the users of Galaxy S20 to remap the Bixby key without using a third-party app. Let us take a look at the simple steps that need to be done.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and click on Advanced Features
  • Click on the Bixby key
  • Double press to open the Bixby key
  • Enable the toggle saying Use Single Press
  • Tap inside the area of Use Single Press
  • Click Open app
  • Click on the Settings button
  • Choose the app that you want


Done, now you can open the app by a double-press on the Bixby button, and with the single press, you can open anything that you want. There is also an alternate way to silence the Bixby button.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select Advanced Features
  • At the top of the menu, choose the Side key
  • You can easily customize the visible screen by a press and hold button, or a double press on the Side key will do.

How to Remap Bixby using Third-Party apps from Google Play

This is the final process to remap the Bixby by using a third-party app from the Google Play Store. With this, you can easily change what the Bixby button will do. This process won’t be as simple as the Samsung method but will do things that the native solution will not do. Like you can remap the volume keys by having the Bixby button toggling the flashlight on and off, and it can even control the music.

Bixby Button remapper is free and also includes functions that can be fun. The Button remapper works with a bundle of buttons and also includes the support for Bixby. Some of the Bixby remapper apps that can be used for your Samsung Galaxy S20 are the Bixby Remapper button, Button Mapper, Buttons Remapper, Remap Buttons, and Gestures, and Bixby Button Assistant Remapper.

There is now also a way to remap the Bixby button to Google assistant. This involves downloading the app and select it, further by using the above steps to trick Android to launch the Google Assistant instead of the actual Google app.

The Bottom Line

With the above steps, you can easily remap the Bixby button S20 and can easily use your phone. The above instructions can work only with phones having a dedicated Bixby button on the phone’s left side. It is not possible to remap Bixby button Note 10 as they have the side key instead of the Bixby key.

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