Silence An Alarm On A Family Members iPhone

An alarm helps you wake up on time and keep your schedules in check. All of us like to set alarms on our phones for various reasons. But there may be instances when you are staying with your family especially sharing a room with your spouse or sibling, and their alarm tends to disturb you. Several individuals can sleep undisturbed even with their alarms buzzing at the top sound. But it tends to disturb the other person in the room. Apple allows the users to silence an alarm on a family member’s iPhone with an easy command. Users don’t require downloading any third-party apps for that. You don’t have to get up from your place as well to perform this action. Here is how you can proceed:

Method to Silence an Alarm on a Family Member’s iPhone Using Your iPhone

There are no complicated steps involved in silencing a family member’s alarm using your iPhone. Siri can do it for you. Here is the command that will work for you:

You just need to say – “Hey Siri, Turn the alarm off on (your family member’s name) iPhone

Siri will ask you for your confirmation to turn off the alarm; you just need to answer Yes. You will also get an option on your screen you can tap on it to turn off the alarm

Siri will go ahead and silence the alarm for you without you having to move from your place. So, if you have a weekend and would like to sleep an extra hour, then the alarm of your family member will not be an obstruction to your sleep any longer. You can simply use the command and turn their alarm off.

For the Feature to Work Flawlessly, Make Sure the Below Prerequisites are Met:

For the above command to work with Siri, you must remember that the iPhone of the family member whose alarm you wish to turn off from your iPhone should be a part of the Family Sharing Group.

In fact, the person’s name in the Family Sharing Group should be the same as you would request Siri to perform the said action.

Staying connected to the same WiFi is an added benefit for the feature to run smoothly.

Follow the instructions above to easily silence an alarm on a family member’s iPhone from your iPhone without having to physically access their phone.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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