the Xperia xa ultra network problem


Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How to Strengthen the Signal in SONY Xperia XA Ultra.

Every operator promises to give an excellent network including the rural areas. However, this doesn’t seem to work exactly as they promise because at times getting a proper signal in certain parts of the city/cities that you go, becomes difficult. Several Sony Xperia XA Ultra users have been facing network issues. Here is how you could handle the Xperia xa ultra network problem.

Reason for Xperia XA signal problem

If you find Sony Xperia XA mobile network not available on your smartphone that this is because of a cluttered network. When there are more users in a network transmitter the signal becomes weak. The telecommunication department warns us about ‘white spots’. These are places like underground parking lots, elevators etc. where one doesn’t get signal. A similar problem can happen in forests or place where there are excessive trees because they can block your signal.

If you are in a white spot walk around and try to change your position. This usually helps in solving the Sony Xperia poor signal problem. If this doesn’t help then you can change the network from 3G (WCDMA/UMTS) to GSM (2G). You may not get fast internet speed on this network but your internet fed apps will continue working and you will get a signal so you can make calls or send messages.

Methods to Strengthen the Signal in SONY Xperia XA Ultra

Solution 1. Change the Network Manually

Settings > Connections > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > Pick the option 3G/2G (auto-connect)

This helps in addressing the poor signal issue of your Sony Xperia XA Ultra.

the Xperia xa ultra network problem

Solution 2. Repeater

If you are always facing signal problems even at home or office then you should consider a more advanced option which is to buy a repeater. It is a device which retransmits the signal it receives with added power to an extended geographical network periphery than what an original signal is adept of doing.  You can also buy 3G antennae and place it in your room. Place it in a higher place that has no obstruction.

This will help in solving the Xperia XA signal problem of your smartphone.


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