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iOS 15 is the latest operating system released by Apple with their latest iPhone 13 mobile phones. With the latest iOS 15 operating system, Apple has made significant changes to the entire design overhaul and brought a lot of new features to it. It can be said that this has been one of the biggest Safari updates on both iPhones and iPads since its initial launch. The main feature that is missing from the Safari web browser is its ability to refresh any website on its own simply by tapping on the Refresh button. And this article is all about that. It explains how to quickly refresh the Safari webpage. So, keep reading to know the process.

Apple has officially decided to remove the refresh button on the Safari web browser in iOS 15. There is no visible button available in the address bar of the Safari application anymore. If you think that Apple has removed the refresh functionality by removing the refresh button, that is not true. With iOS 15, Apple has made refreshing the screen much easier.

Steps to quickly refresh the Safari webpage

Refreshing a webpage when using iOS 15 is quite easy and simple. Here we have listed down a few ways you need to follow to quickly refresh the Safari webpage successfully.

Swipe Gesture

The latest Safari version in iOS 15 comes with brand new features, which has made it one of the best browsers available on the market right now. Some of the features which were available in Google Chrome and were missing in Safari are now available. The easiest way to refresh a page in Safari is simply to pull or swipe down the web page from the top. This will reload the page, and players will be good to go.

3-Dot buttons

If you are not into swiping and for some reason you don’t feel comfortable refreshing the page by swiping down, then you can tap your way through reloading a web page. You will need an already open webpage on the Safari window. The first thing you need to do is simply click on the three dots icon present in the bottom right-hand side corner of the browser. Clicking on it will open the menu from the bottom of the Safari browser. There will be a preexisting reload button available there, which you can press and reload the page.

Quick Access option on Tab bar

The last way to quickly refresh the Safari web browser page is simply using the Quick access feature from the Tab bar. If you open the Quick access option from the Tab bar, it will show the necessary options for the web page. To access the quick settings option, users will need to tap and hold the Tab bar at the bottom of the Safari window. This will pop up a new screen menu from where players will be able to Reload by clicking on the option, which will refresh the entire page. Users will be able to minimize the open menu by tapping and holding on to the screen.

Difference between Reload and Refresh in Safari

If you are using the Safari browser, you need to understand that there is absolutely no difference between the reload and refresh buttons. If you want to refresh your browser, clicking on the reload option will give you the same outcome. Now both refreshing and reloading a web page can be done by a simple gesture of swiping down on the screen. The swiping down feature will not work if there is no browser open in Safari.

There are three major ways with which users will be able to refresh a webpage quickly. The easiest and quickest way to refresh is simply by swiping down. The other two methods are also quite convenient and easy to complete. The removal of the Refresh button in Safari has surely helped keeping the app looking clean and help users concentrate on the web page instead of the tab bar. If you cannot go through the entire refreshing procedure, you can always opt to open another webpage in Safari and load the website again. With this change in the Safari page, Apple has made it clear that they are moving towards smart gestures in different applications.

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