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To cater for the growing needs of European regulators, Meta has introduced a paid plan for EU users to not use their data for targeted ads.

Users paying for this will see no ads across Facebook and Instagram and should pay more for additional accounts. While it’s initially announced for the EU users, Meta may roll out this plan worldwide, sometime next year.

Meta’s ‘Pay For No Ads‘ Method

With the European Union slapping tech companies with strict data collection laws, most are framing new policies to give curated experiences to EU users. The latest among them is Meta, which introduced a paid subscription for running no ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Aimed at the EU users, this special plan costs around €9.99 per month on the web or €12.99 / month on iOS and Android, considering the latter’s app store tax. Any additional profile linked to the account will be charged an extra €6 on the web or €8 on mobile clients, starting March 1st, 2024.

The ad-free subscription is only available to people aged 18 and above in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. While there’s no word on the global rollout, Meta may introduce this soon, considering that more people are growing privacy consciousness lately.

Announcing this move today, Meta believes it did the right thing to meet the privacy requirements of European data laws, like the Digital Markets Act and GDPR. The social media company has been fined several times for billions of dollars for intrusive ads and illegal data collection policies. So, having a clear and definitive path, like a paid plan for no ads, would make it easier for the company and the regulators.

While it’s a good move, Meta wants it’s users to stay on the free plan and watch ads, as it “believes in an ad-supported internet“. Thus, it reiterates that the experience for non-paying users will remain the same and they still have access to ad preference tools for customization.

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