How To Enable Multi Window Huawei P9

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Enable Multi Window Huawei P9 Smartphone.

Enable Multi Window mode on Huawei P9

You may need to enable Multi Window in the Settings menu with a specific end goal to utilize the component. Take after the directions beneath:

Turn on the Huawei P9

Go to the Settings menu

Go to the Multi window under Device

In the upper right corner of the screen, switch the flip Multi window to On

Select in the event that you need the content in Multi Window mode by default via checking the option to Open in multi window display

After you have enabled Multi Window Mode on the Huawei P9, verify that you have a grey semi or half circle on the screen. This half or semi circle  on the Huawei P9 screen implies that you have enabled the settings and you’re prepared to begin utilizing the Multi Window Mode.

To begin utilizing this element, you have to tap the half circle with your finger to convey multi window to the top. After you have done this, drag the symbols from the menu to the window you need it to open in. An extraordinary feature on the Huawei P9 is the capacity to resize the window by squeezing and holding the circle in the center of the screen and setting it to the new area you need it to go.


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