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Ni no Kuni is a mobile MMORPG inspired by the Level 5 anime franchise. With several quests, adventures, turnovers, and other features, your ultimate objective is to save the planet from a massive tragedy. And, without a doubt, you will eventually require the support of strong characters in the game to fulfill such a massive assignment. Fortunately, Ni no Kuni includes some intriguing characters with a variety of capabilities and abilities. However, not all of the characters are equally powerful and this article explains the Ni no Kuni best class tier list.

While not all classes are equal in terms of strength, their abilities should not be overlooked. In fact, there is such a disparity in their power and strengths that some of them are the strongest characters in Ni no Kuni. Furthermore, if you wish to improve your skills, you must acquire Swordsman and the Witch, which takes a big investment: you must either rely on chance or buy them.

The classes in the game are divided into two categories: damage and utility. Don’t get us wrong when we say utility because every class has enough damage to get through the main story if you have enough CP (Character Power). In the game Ni No Kuni, utility refers to the boosts and active skills that a class possesses that can benefit the entire party.

Ni no Kuni best class by Rank:

  1. Swordsman

The Swordsman is unquestionably our preferred choice for the Ni no Kuni best class. This is due to his all-around abilities, which make him suited for every setting. In Ni no Kuni, the swordsman is a close range with a high hit point. They are also formidable in terms of protection and attack and, thankfully, have a mix of party boosts and enemy debuffs.

Here are some notable characteristics:

  • Constant slows, knockdowns: Unlike other Classes, all non-Ultimate Core Abilities of the Swordsman have some type of slowing effect. His Flash and Flying Slash slow enemies for up to three seconds, and his Spinning Swords can knock them down. Even his normal attacks, when combined with Death Seal, can shock opponents (Passive).
  • Can Buffer Defence: Other Classes in the game, except the Destroyer and the Swordsman, do not have a high enough defense. Other members have a better chance of being better defended against opponents thanks to the Swordsman’s continual defensive enhancements.

Considering all of his skills and mechanics, the Swordsman might be viewed as your main character, doing massive damage to adversaries. You can also take them as a supportive member because their buffs and debuffs are very effective. Furthermore, they have a variety of unique and passive powers that will assist you in various circumstances as you progress.

  1. Rouge

Rouge Class is a standard marksman character who utilizes a bow with a twist in the setting of Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. Rouge is a relatively nimble character with core movement and evasion skills in solo plays. He shines in battle when kept at a safe distance from foes due to his soft nature.

Rouge, on the other hand, may be played as a damage carry with a tonne of damage from the backline or as a hyper-support character. Rouge has some incredible party buffing abilities, such as Showtime and OverCharge Zone, which can increase every party member’s attack speed and movement, which can be extremely useful in PvP engagements and group Dungeons.

Here are some intriguing aspects of it:

  • Irritate foes for fun: Unlike Rogues in other MMOs, interactivity in Cross Worlds can thrive while catching the enemy’s attention. When attacked by opponents, the Rogue can get up to seven times more damage thanks to Death Hunter (Passive). Fortunately, his elusive specialization allows him to flee. Quick Move (Passive) makes him attack and move faster after five attacks, while Enmity (Passive) increases his damage for five seconds while increasing damage taken.
  • Secures distance: Unlike other Classes, the Rogue’s toolset focuses on slowing down adversaries and keeping them as far away from the party as possible via pushes. Rain Of Arrows, one of his Class Abilities, can slow down adversaries, while Multi-Shot and Evasion Shot can push them back.

So, if you enjoy playing from the sidelines while dealing a lot of damage, aiding your team during battles, and heroes who wield a bow, we recommend Rouge.

  1. Destroyer

As the name suggests, the Destroyer is a brave and faithful figure. He holds a massive hammer, with which he inflicts enormous damage on his opponents. When you take Destroyer to combat, he simply walks right into the center of it and charges at his adversaries with his massive hammer. He can also distract the attackers while the rest of your team creeps onto the battlefield. Aside from his fury and scary demeanour, Destroyer is a straightforward and honest man who is always devoted to his teammates.

Here are some intriguing aspects of his toolkit:

  • Slows and knock-downs: The Destroyer’s toolset is mostly focused on slowing or knocking down foes to prevent them from harming the group. Brutal Strike can knock opponents down, whereas Ground Slam can slow adversaries caught in the blast.
  • Punishing the enemy’s performance: While the Destroyer does not require players to taunt to function as an aggro-steal, his kit focuses on improving his performance depending on how efficient his adversaries are, ensuring he stays in the fight for the same amount of time as them.
  • Getting a second opportunity: Indomitable Soul (Passive) allows the Destroyer to be healed if he reaches 20% HP, giving him a chance to fight again.
  1. Witch

Witch is a Glass Canon-style character in Ni No Kuni that uses telekinesis to swing her spear and destroy her enemies in seconds with little defense but a big outburst of damage. Witch excels at solo play, annihilating enemies with rapid high-damage combos and attacks that add debuffs to adversaries with skills like Decaying Touch and Deadly Spikes, shredding off their armor and attack speed.

Here are some intriguing aspects of her toolkit:

  • Stall the opposing push: The Witch’s skills allow her to delay the adversary’s advance by knocking them down (Piercing Storm), slowing them down (Storm Spear), or flying away after an attack (Dancing Spear).
  • Boost stats with attacks: Unlike other Classes, the Witch has an unusual capacity to improve her performance just through attacks. It is advantageous to take damage: Some of the Witch’s skills also allow her to outlast enemies when they take harm. When she is at 20% health, her Final Illusion (Passive) significantly increases her defense, while Emergency Maneuvers (Passive) increase her evasion anytime she takes damage.

So, if you enjoy having voice lines that remind you of your favourite anime characters, destroying enemies in seconds with rapid combinations, and dealing high damage, Witch is the class for you.

  1. Engineer

The Engineer can be played as a support as intended, but don’t be fooled: she can also use her guns to easily dispatch her adversaries. She possesses a plethora of healing spells, including Flash Heal and Healing Branches. She can do a lot of things on her own while doing dungeons and quests.

On the other hand, engineers shine the brightest when deployed in a team. By mending all party members and providing stacking defenses, she can assist her team in living longer on the battlefields. An engineer also has some powerful abilities, like Resurrection, which allows her to resurrect one deceased comrade in any combat, including PVP, which can be a significant advantage. She also has Complete Choas, which allows engineers to silence their opponents and prevent them from using any of their skills.

She is known for the following features:

The Engineer’s toolkit is specifically built to target all foes within her range, unlike other Classes. Her Burst Coil can also stun adversaries, while her Elemental Explosion can slow down foes caught in the blast. In addition to dealing 447 percent attack damage, Artillery Strike (Ultimate) delivers a massive 100-per cent damage boost against monsters.

  • Sustaining Obstacle: Damage-absorption Barriers can be obtained by the Engineer through receiving attacks (Protection of Light, Passive) or healing (Conversion, Passive). Furthermore, having a barrier offers her crowd control resilience (Barrier Mastery, Passive).
  • Enhanced healing: The Engineer is specifically designed to augment the party’s healings, courtesy of Pure Medic (Passive).

So, if you want a character who has a lot of healing abilities and utility on the battlefield and has the potential to determine the result of the war, we propose the engineer class.


So that finishes the Ni no Kuni best class list and it’s companion Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds familiars tier list and you can now select the best option to continue playing the game. Think about whom you should choose for better gameplay and go for it because it can literally supply you with triumph from your gameplay. Each class in Ni no Kuni is distinct and has a diverse set of abilities. As you move ahead in the game, you will notice substantial differences between the various classes. This list of the greatest tiers in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds ranks all classes based on their abilities.

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