For those unaware, you can change the icon pack used in the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T with the stock OnePlus launcher by following these steps.

Most OEMs these days do not add support for 3rd-party icon packs to the stock launcher they use. Some have their own unique theming system in place that allows the user to change the icons, background wallpapers, and some other things though. But it’s rare to see an OEM actually have support for 3rd-party icon packs with their stock software.

Thankfully OnePlus does a lot of unique things with their software and this is one of those features. When the company launched the OnePlus 3, their launcher settings stuff was much different than it is today.

You can look back to how to change the icon pack of the OnePlus 3 and see how things used to be. With new software updates though, the OnePlus Launcher settings are now tucked away in a different menu so things look a bit different with the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. So let me walk you through the process of how to change to a different OnePlus 5 icon pack.

Note – OnePlus does include 3 different icon packs out of the box, but they don’t support any/many 3rd-party applications. Instead, you may want to look into some popular icon packs from the Play Store before diving into these settings.

OnePlus 5 Icon Pack

  1. Long press on an empty spot of the Home Screen
  2. Tap the Settings button
  3. Tap the Icon Pack option
  4. Scroll through the list of icon packs at the bottom
  5. Tap the one you want to use
  6. Then tap the Home button to apply it


I really appreciate how easy OnePlus has integrated 3rd-party icon packs into the stock OnePlus launcher. They could have easily set up some icon pack marketplace like we saw HTC do when they launched their theming platform. So we have the ability to download virtually any icon pack from the Play Store and it will show up when we are scrolling through the list of installed icon packs here. The process is quick, easy, and we get a preview of how the icon pack looks too.

So to start, simply long press on any empty space in the Home Screen. This will then shrink up so that a few options can be shown at the bottom. We want to look at the bottom right of the screen and tap on the Settings option that appears there. This will bring us to a traditional Settings menu list of options for us to choose from. We can ignore most of them as we’re simply looking to change the OnePlus 5 icon pack. So go ahead and just tap on the icon pack option in the list.

OnePlus 5 Icon Pack Options
You’ll see all of the available icon packs listed at the bottom of the page here.

This will bring up a preview image of the Home Screen at the top, and then show us our installed icon packs down below. We can scroll through this list from left to right to see what is available. Again, OnePlus installs 3 icon packs by default here and they’ll always be listed on the leftmost side of this row. All newly installed icon packs will appear to the right of those that come pre-installed. From here, you can tap on any of the icon packs in the list and see how the icons will look in the preview image above.

At the very end of this row we also have an icon for the Play Store that will bring it up with the search term ‘icon pack.’ This is great for those who have yet to download any icon packs to their OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T. Some of them are free, and some of them cost a buck or two. You can keep an eye on my other website, Play Store Sales, as I am alway putting up new icon packs that used to cost money and are temporarily free due to a recent sale.

Once you like the icon pack you have chosen, you can simply tap the Home button to go back to the Home Screen. You should see the OnePlus 5 icon pack you have chosen has already been applied to all of the ones that are supported.

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