PUBG Mobile May Soon be Coming Back to India
PUBG Mobile May Soon be Coming Back to India

Filling the community with rejoice, the popular battle royal game, PUBG Mobile could soon come back in India. This was hinted by a recent partnership between Krafton, the owner of PUBG Corporation who in turn owner of the PUBG game and Microsoft’s Azure. They have agreed to host their games on Azure’s cloud platform, giving the trust the Indian government needed to allow the game back in the country.

PUBG Mobile May Soon Come Back to India

PUBG Mobile has soon grown to the favourite game for many in India. If not favourite, it has turned as addiction to some. While there are several restrictions set on the app, a complete blanket ban by the Indian government in September this year has given actual relief. Yet, many have turned to third-party appstores for downloading the game and used VPNs to sneak.

PUBG Mobile May Soon be Coming Back to India
PUBG Mobile May Soon be Coming Back to India

But now, making all such efforts unnecessary, PUBG Mobile may soon come back to India officially. It’s touted that the problem of the Indian government on banning this is because it’s published by Tencent, a Chinese company having close ties to the Chinese government, which it decided cannot be trusted in securing their users’ data.

Thus, if the trust is being the cause, Krafton’s latest decision can make it overturn. Krafton, the owners of PUBG Corporation, who developed the PUBG game (console/PC/mobile) has taken the publishing rights of PUBG mobile version from Tencent after the ban. And now, a partnership with Microsoft’s Azure to host all their games including PUBG on their cloud servers means, the Indian government may welcome back this.

While the partnership between these two was announced by Krafton, a comeback of thr game in India isn’t revealed yet. Yet, there’s enough noise in the mobile community as fans started preparing for the game’s revival.

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