Restore Deleted Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms worldwide. Here one can share photos, reels, posts, and stories, and it is also fun using this app. If you are an iPhone user and accidentally deleted a story, reel, or picture from your Instagram account, you can follow the steps mentioned below to restore deleted Instagram stories and other stuff.

The new update of Instagram has something new, and now it has a trash folder. It is something like the recycle bin we have on our laptops or desktop. One can restore deleted stories or reels from this trash bin. Here’s how you can do it.

Steps to restore deleted Instagram stories, reels, posts on iPhone:

First, open your Instagram app on your iPhone.

Next, Tap an option with your display picture in the bottom right corner of that page. From here, you enter your Instagram profile.

You will be able to see the three-line button in the top right corner of your profile. It is a “menu” button. Tap on it.

Here, you can see different options. Choose “settings” from those options.

A new page will open up with a list of options. A “recently deleted” option is located at the bottom of the list. Select that.

Here, you can see your recently deleted posts, stories, reels, and photos. In this section, you will see the posts you have deleted in the previous 30 days. After 30 days, the posts disappear from this section. You can see the day count below each of the posts to understand how many days you have left to restore that post before it is completely deleted. Another thing to remember is that, in this folder, stories remain for only 24 hours. You can find every other kind of deleted post for 30 days. That’s why it is essential to restore stories within 24 hours if you want to.

Tap on the content that you want to restore. Once done, the content will preview on your phone screen.

Now, you have to select the three-dot or “more” button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Here, you will be given two options, restore content or delete content forever. If you want to restore the content, tap on “restore”.

You will have a pop-up on your screen. You have to choose ” Restore” again to add it back to your profile.

The content will be sorted as per the original day when it was created, and it won’t show up at the top of the feed.

How to restore deleted Instagram photos using the iPhone Data recovery software

If you have any Instagram photos that are accidentally deleted from your device, you can use the “Instagram recovery or recently deleted” option as mentioned below or the “Recently deleted” option on your phone gallery. But, in the case of the “Instagram recently deleted” option, you can only find photos that were deleted within the previous 30 days. In the case of the phone gallery, it also has a limit. If you are willing to restore a photo deleted a few months ago, you can use iPhone data recovery software.

You can also use this to recover photos you’ve permanently deleted from your Instagram. Though you cannot restore reels or stories, you can restore photos using this hack. You have to use iPhone data recovery tools such as EaseUSMobiSaver as it can scan your iPhone storage to create a backup for your lost items. Android users can use Android Data Recovery software in this case.

Follow the steps mentioned below to restore photos that are permanently deleted from your Instagram:

First, connect your iPhone to a PC using a USB cable and launch EaseUSMobiSaver.

Then, you have to choose a recovery mode and click on “scan”.

It will scan the iPhone and find your data. Wait until it’s done, as it can take a few minutes.

Now, select the corresponding category and preview the photos.

Select the items you need to recover and then tap on ” recover”

You are done. Now, you can re-upload the photo to your Instagram.

Ending words

Restoring Instagram stories, reels or photos is not rocket science and can be done easily. Once it is done, you can use those in the future.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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