Snapchat Adds 'Parental Centre' to Monitor Teens Activity and More

To let parents monitor their child’s online activity, Snapchat is adding a new Family Centre section in the app.

With this, parents can see with whom their kids are interacting and their entire friends’ list. Also, they can block someone from their Family Centre portal to avoid them interacting with their kid. This is applicable only to accounts of age less than 18, and needs explicit permission from the kids too.

Family Centre in Snapchat

Social media companies are under constant pressure to protect underaged users on their platforms. While Meta and TikTok face the most regulations, Snap too gets similar pushes from regulators regarding the online safety of kids.

Owing to this, Snap introduced a new portal called Parental Centre to it’s Snapchat platform – which will let parents monitor their kids’ interactions with people. When enabled, parents can see their kids’ friends’ list and with whom their kids have been chatting in the past seven days – but not the content in it.

Snap says this system was designed to “reflect the way parents engage with their teens in the real world“, as they can see with whom their kids are playing but cannot hear them talking. But if anyone goes against Snapchat’s policies, they can report the account straight from their Parental Centre section.

Snap intends to add more controls to the Parental Centre, including the ability to see the newest friends their teens have added and for teens to notify their parents whenever they report an account or a piece of content.

While it’s good, Snap says this system is completely voluntary. Parents should send an invitation request to the concerned kids before they can start to see anything. And should accept it to let them track. Also, it applies only to users who’re 13-to-17-year-old and gets automatically turned off when they reach 18 years.

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