Starting an IT Career Use Practice Tests to Pass Your CompTIA A+ Exams at the First Try

So, you’re here because you want the best IT credential to help you build a fruitful career, right? Well, for such goals and even more, you can never go wrong with the CompTIA A+ badge. When people talk of a successful path in IT, they mean fulfilling job roles that not only guarantee the right monetary compensation but also provide flexibility in choosing whatever direction they aim to follow.

In case you’ve decided that the CompTIA A+ certification is the best starting point for you but you don’t know where to start, this article will help to understand this. First, let’s see what this learning path entails.

How Do You Earn CompTIA A+?

The A+ credential is attained by taking and passing two exams that are created and updated by competent industry experts to validate your basic skills needed to fill entry-level job roles. With the recent restructuring of the CompTIA A+ badge, it now involves a lot more than just PC repair concepts.

Today, A+ is the most sought-after badge among the core credentials issued by CompTIA that now covers security operations, mobile devices, operating systems, and networking devices to mention just a few. As technology develops and IT skills continue to diversify, the A+ certification advances too which makes it a requirement for many jobs related to modern solutions. Let’s observe the roles that become available for you after getting A+ certified.

Your Career Prospects

As you may be aware, the CompTIA A+ credential is suitable for newbies with a minimum of 9 to 12 months of experience in the field, lab, or similar training. Its curriculum prepares you for working in the following technical positions: System Support Specialist, End-User Computing Technician, Data Support Technician, Associate Network Engineer, etc.

What Salary Can You Make with CompTIA A+?

As for an entry-level IT technician, the CompTIA A+ badge might turn out to be the icing on the cake. In addition to all the career benefits it assures, this certification also guarantees monetary gain by giving you real value for your investment and hard work. Here, we highlight the estimated annual salaries for some of the job roles attainable as stated on;

Reasons Why Practice Tests Will Bring CompTIA A+ Exam Success

Practice tests are a priceless asset when preparing for your CompTIA A+ exams. See, it’s very satisfying to study for your future assessments using the actual questions to boost your confidence. Even with the changing IT landscape, the role of reliable practice tests in ensuring exam success hasn’t changed.

To begin with, such practice tests help build stamina by checking your endurance skills. Are you the kind of individual who will be worn out after an hour of sitting in an exam room? Or will you maintain your calm and ace your assessment like a pro? Practice questions will tell it all. Besides, these materials also identify the common knowledge gaps and help boost your confidence.


If you were waiting for a sign, this is it! Visit the official CompTIA website to know more details of the A+ credential, register for the exams, and work hard to get certified and earn the desired recognition in the industry. And don’t forget about practice tests — extra confidence may be something that will help you win.

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