Twitter's Improved 'Report Tweet' is Rolling Out to More People

In order to let users report tweets in a much better and clear way, Twitter is rolling out an improved Report Tweet scheme all around the world.

This new scheme was in testing with a few people in the US for over 6 months and catered good results so far. This offers users more options in defining how a tweet is violating their policies and being harmful to the platform. This helps Twitter on acting better on the reported tweet and maybe faster.

Improving The Tweet Flagging Mechanism

Though Twitter isn’t as big as Facebook, or Instagram in terms of userbase, it still contends with having huge spam on it’s platform due to active personalities. And it demands the platform to have the right tools for thwarting them or face investigations or lawsuits often.

In this pursuit, Twitter launched a revamped tweet reporting scheme to seek more information from the community who are reporting tweets. The current system for reporting tweets will allow users to choose from only a few sets of options, which may lead to moderators ignoring or taking wrong actions.

Thus, to better this experience, Twitter started a new Report Tweet scheme that will allow users to explain more about the issue before reporting. Aside from listing more specific options, Twitter even lets users write down the issue in an empty description box to be better understood.

At the end of this new reporting process, Twitter summarizes the whole input and asks users to select one relevant policy violation the concerned tweet is involved with and close. This would allow the manual checkers at the next stage to be more sensitive about the topic and act properly.

Twitter announced this new scheme in December last year and started training with a few US people since then. And now, it’s expanding this to more people around the world after receiving a positive response from the test community.

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