Unknown Issue in Google Search Causes Delayed Indexing

Citing some unknown issues in it’s Search, Google on Friday said that a large number of sites “may experience delayed indexing” of their newly published content.

This means any news outlet that published a recent article (in the last few hours) won’t show up or be displayed as published a while ago. Google is working on finding the root cause of this issue and it said it would pass the next update in 12 hours.

Indexing Issues in Google Search

With billions of websites being indexed in Google Search, any glitch occurring in it can ruin the efforts put up by hardworking creators. And it’s now happening, as an unknown issue with Google Search is delaying the indexing of web pages in general.

On Friday, CNET noted that any articles (or any other type of content) posted by news outlets recently aren’t showing up in the Google Search results. Be it Bloomberg, Yahoo, New York Times, or any other publication, any content posted in the last few hours isn’t indexed by Google yet.

Or, in some cases, they’re showing up as posted a while back. Google Search, through it’s Twitter handle, shared that it’s facing some “indexing issues” that are “preventing new content and articles from appearing in Search.

While it’s working on finding the root cause, we shall see the next update from the team in 12 hours. Meanwhile, news outlets that are polished heavily with SEO and have great content published recently have to suffer – as Google indexing is what most people and businesses rely on.

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