How to Use Sleep Capsule in Realme

The Realme UI 2.0 is based on Android 11 and Sleep Capsule is one of the frequently talked about features in this device. The feature is basically about helping you use your mobile in a restrictive way in the night so you can have a good night’s sleep.

While smartphones are important in this digital era that we live in, humans seem to have got addicted to them. They tend to prioritize their mobile and procrastinate doing other important things including their sleep. Sleep is important for us as it helps our bodies to function normally and healthily. This is why mobile companies are coming up with features that help them keep a check on their mobiles. Understanding the need for restful and timely sleep, Realme also has come up with the Sleep Capsule feature that will help you in sleeping peacefully at night. You must be wondering now that how to use sleep capsule in Realme? This article is all about that. So, have a read.

What is Sleep Capsule?

Most of us carry our smartphones to bed and once we start browsing, we lose track of time. From chatting online to playing games and from social media to watching videos, each one of us is addicted to something. This habit tends to affect our health because our sleep is disrupted which ultimately affects our overall health.

The Sleep Capsule feature added by Realme UI 2.0 assists you by limiting your mobile usage and helps you sleep better. The feature is available only in Android 11 and above version. The feature limits the usage of certain apps for a set timeframe once it is enabled. This keeps you away from using the apps that you are addicted to using at night. Once the Sleep Capsule is activated you will put by your mobile phone and fall asleep in the normal time or focus on other important things in your life including your family at home.

How to Use Sleep Capsule in Realme?

Realme has added the Sleep Capsule feature in some devices but they are yet to be made available to people. The feature is in a testing phase and is accessible in the Realme Laboratory.

On turning on the Sleep Capsule feature, your Realme device running on Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 limits its functions of certain apps and features for a certain period. During this period, you will be denied access to sending texts, usage of unnecessary applications, change of settings, or other tasks of the phone. Users will have the option to add certain important apps that will function normally even when the Sleep Capsule Mode is turned on.

Follow the steps to activate the Sleep Capsule Mode in your Realme device:

Go to Settings on your smartphone

Go down to the bottom of the phone’s screen

Tap on Realme Lab > select Sleep Capsule

Select the time of your sleep and then set the timeframe in which you want the Sleep Capsule mode to work in

The Sleep Capsule will be functional once you add the time duration

This feature also shows you the number of nights in which you have slept on time

The banner which displays this information is shareable with family and friends. Just tap on the banner and then tap on the Share button that is at the bottom of the phone screen

Important: Remember, once you turn on the Sleep Capsule mode you will be unable to turn it off. Restarting the phone is also pointless when this feature is activated. The default time is 1 hour and you will have to wait for an hour before you can turn it off.

How to Allow Important Apps in Sleep Capsule?

Realme understands the importance and urgency of having certain apps being functional all the time because we have family and friends who may want to reach us during an emergency. You can customize a ‘List of Allowed Applications’ available in the option of Sleep Capsule to add your choice of apps that you want to keep active such as Message, Call, WhatsApp, etc.

Sleep Capsule is an interesting and helpful feature and all Realme users must try this feature!

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