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Word riddle, commonly known as wordle game, has been the talk of the town among people of varied age groups and on the trending list of 2022 for quite a time, and many of the players have been able to gain profits from playing, which seems a pretty good deal. Once you are done with your daily puzzle, you can give a shot at the other available Wordle variants. These editions will let you play a one-of-a-kind model of the puzzle primarily based on what you are loopy about, be that meals, tunes, or flags. Even a wordle that tries to keep away from the solution!

Sedecordle is one such Wordle version that was released recently these days, permitting you to solve many Wordle puzzles if you are seeking out something tougher to play. Here is all you need to know about Sedecordle and how to start playing this game.

What is Sedecordle?

Sedecordle is one of the numerous Wordle substitutes that are currently available online, along with Nerdle, Dordle, Tridle, Quordle, Octordle, and others. If the quantity of Wordles is what you are most interested in, you could say that Sedecordle is the strongest option to Wordle. Because if we didn’t suggest that you check out Wordle video games like Knotwords and Hardle, we would be remiss.

While Wordle duties you with finding a mysterious five-letter phrase, Sedecordle, however, duties you with locating 16 mysterious 5-letter phrases. These phrases are all hidden in the grid of your screen, and every bet will depend on every phrase. This means that your first wager will practice all phrases, and their corresponding accurate and incorrect letters can be displayed hence.

Similar to Wordle, use this feedback for proper and incorrect letters to hence body your subsequent wager. You get a total of 21 tries whilst looking to wager all 16 phrases, and greyed-out letters suggest they can’t be used again. Thus, you will be limited from using the available letters as you progress in the sport.

Difference between Sedecordle and Wordle

The simplest actual distinction between Sedecordle and Wordle is the range of guesses you get and the phrases you need to discover. While Wordle requires you to bet a single five-letter phrase in 6 attempts, Sedecordle requires you to bet sixteen five-letter phrases in 21 tries.

Sedecordle also has a Free mode that allows you to play unlimited puzzles for your coronary heart’s content material. This is a stark distinction as Wordle seeks to assist you in playing preceding or extra puzzles natively. You can, however, find/identify approaches to avoid this using our complete publish.

Where to play Sedecordle?

You can play Sedecordle at their official website or using the link below.


Both desktop and mobile devices can access the website.

How to play Sedecordle?

Playing Sedecordle is much like Wordle. Let’s try out a brief game to get familiar with the controls.

Open Sedecordle on your browser, and you’ll be greeted by way of the welcome page. Select a day-by-day sedecordle if you wish to play the day-by-day puzzle. Select unfastened sedecordle if you want to play unlimited puzzles and get a little exercise.

You will now be presented with the challenge on your screen. Here are all the information that can help you.

  • Puzzle numbers: These are the numbers in a row at the pinnacle of your grid. Each variety is for a hidden phrase and as you solve them, they will flip green, assisting you in keeping the music of all of your phrases. You also can jump to a puzzle by clicking on it’s corresponding quantity at the top.
  • Fullscreen: Fullscreen icon in the top right nook will allow you to play Sedecordle on fullscreen on your PC.
  • Back: Use this feature to move back to the welcome display and choose a different sport mode.
  • New: Use this selection to get a new Sedecordle puzzle. This choice is the simplest available within the unfastened mode.
  • Help: Use this selection to get an intro and short academic to Sedecordle. Now let’s guess the first word. We will guess Arise as our first word to get a good concentration of vowels and consonants.

You can see Sedecordle has accepted the response and provided feedback accordingly.

Utilize the scroll bar on your right to view all the words in your current puzzle.

And that’s it! Now keep on making guesses, try and resolve the challenge. We got as far as two solutions. All the best to you for your challenge!

Sedecordle Rules

Here are the prominent rules of Sedecordle that will help you solve daily challenges and keep your streak going.

  • Sixteen 5-letter phrases in step with assignment
  • 21 guesses according to undertaking
  • Correctly guessed letters will turn inexperienced
  • Incorrectly guessed letters will turn grey
  • Letters that are within the word but have the wrong function will flip yellow
  • Repeated guesses are allowed
  • Sedecordle will permit the use of greyed-out letters
  • Non-ideal phrases will flip pink

Sedecordle Tips and Tricks

Follow the below tips and tricks to help you maintain your Sedecordle streak:

  • You can easily switch among the 16 puzzle boards by clicking on the numbers on the screen. For instance, clicking on the wide variety of three will take you to the 0.33 puzzle board.
  • It is continually wiser to get our vowels right. Most of the words could have one or extra vowels that may help us figure out the rest of the letters in the phrase.
  • After every try, check all the sixteen puzzle boards to test how many yellow and green letters you have got were given in each word. This allows us to guess phrases faster, given that we have the best 21 tries.

Is Sedecordle not working? Here’s how to fix it

The Sedecordle website commonly works without any important system specs. So in case, you cannot play the game, here is some stuff you should take a look at to help you get it operating again.

  • Check your net: We endorse you to test your net connectivity and troubleshoot the identical in case you face community issues. 99% of the time, community troubles are the cause of web apps not operating.
  • Use every other tool: Try using another cellular or computer device to log onto Sedecordle.Com. If you can access the site.
  • Use any other network: Try switching to a different Wi-Fi network or mobile data if your connection is having problems or your ISP has blocked the website, this can assist you in solving the issue.
  • Disable custom DNS companies: If you operate a custom DNS provider, then it’s in all likelihood your DNS is having issues with the site.
  • Disable VPN: If you have a VPN running, we suggest you attempt to deactivate it briefly. It can be that your presently set place/location in the VPN has the website blocked, which in turn is preventing you from getting access.
  • Check your firewall: If you have an automated firewall, then it’s probable that the site is facing problems accessing it’s servers because of the firewall rules. We suggest you check your firewall for any conflicting configurations and disable it and see if it starts working.
  • Clear browser cache for Sedecordle.Com: It will assist you in removing leftover cache and statistics that are probably causing conflicts.
  • Last resort: You may wait a few hours and take a look at it later. It could be that the site is dealing with a problem and might have been taken down.

If you feel Sedecordle is too much for you, play fewer games

Well, if resolving 16 puzzles at once in 21 attempts is not what you were into, try out these Wordle variants that offer less number of puzzles per game:

  • Dordle
  • Tridle
  • Quordle
  • Octordle

We wish this helped you to get acquainted with Sedecordle. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop them in the feedback section underneath.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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