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YouTube TV app gets picture-in-picture mode on The iPhone and iPad, YouTube announced on Wednesday via it’s official Twitter account. The picture-in-picture or PIP mode is now available for all iPhone and iPad users who are on iOS 15 or latest and iPadOS 15 or later.

The users who are on the latest version of iOS/iPad can now easily watch YouTube TV videos outside the main app while using multitasking. Users just need to swipe up the app while playing the videos, the app will minimize in a small window and the video on the app will keep playing. In this way, users can watch YouTube TV videos while doing other tasks such as replying to a text message or checking their emails or social media apps.

This feature is not new as it is already available on the Android operating system for quite some time and now Google made it available to iOS. While the company is still testing the picture-in-picture mode on the regular YouTube app on iOS and iPad and there is no official statement from the company on when this feature will be made available on YouTube on iOS.

The company said via it’s Twitter account that all those users on the latest version of iOS and iPad can now access picture-in-picture mode on the YouTube TV app. The YouTube TV app was launched in February 2017 and it offers live tv and streaming video-on-demand services to users in the United States.

The official tweet said, “Simply select a video to watch and swipe (up) from the bottom of the screen to return to the device’s homepage. The video can scale down and move across your screen,”

Meanwhile, Google is still testing picture-in-picture mode on YouTube’s main app on iOS. Android users with YouTube Premium can use picture-in-picture mode globally but in the United States, Android users don’t need a premium subscription to use picture-in-picture mode, they can use this feature normally. However, iOS users need a YouTube premium subscription to use this PiP mode which is still in the testing phase and can be accessed through the YouTube lab.

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