Apple Procured Gold From Illegal Miners in Brazil

In the years 2019 and 2020, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are alleged to have purchased gold from illegal miners in Brazil.

The two Brazilian mining companies – Chimet and Marsam – are still under investigation by Brazilian authorities, while the US and European governments gave a clean chit for business. While all the alleged companies ignored it, Apple said it had cut off business with Marsam and has high standards while choosing it’s partners.

Illegally Mined Gold For Big Techs

A report from the Repórter Brasil, a Brazilian local news outlet, says that Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have procured gold from Chimet and Marsam – two refineries in Brazil that mined them illegally.

Business that is into manufacturing electronic products may use some form of gold in their devices, mostly for their natural properties. Thus, there are suppliers who’re willing to supply gold even through illegal means.

But, in the years 2019 and 2020, these two refineries have mined gold from indigenous lands around the Amazon rainforest, which is illegal in Brazil. The nation banned mineral extraction since it causes deforestation of the Amazon forest and contamination of rivers with mercury.

Yet, these illegal miners have done so for the lucrative deals with big techs. Both Chimet and Marsam are under investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police for illegal extraction of natural resources and other charges related to environmental damage.

Yet, they proceeded to do so since they’re cleared for business in Europe and US markets! When asked for a comment after this report, the US government declined to say anything, while The London Bullion Market Association said it is aware of the situation and it’s reviewing the certification of these mining companies.

Moreover, Apple responded to the report by saying that it had cut off business with Marsam and backed itself, stating that it has set high standards for establishing it’s partnerships.

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