Facebook Messenger

Meta-owned Facebook messenger got a shortcut feature support similar to Slack. Users can now easily and quickly send silent messages, Gifs, and more using these shortcuts.

Meta confirms that two of these shortcuts are now available for both iOS and Android users globally while more shortcuts will be added soon. The now available shortcuts are @everyone and /silent.

The “@everyone” shortcut will notify everyone in the chat when someone sent a message which is very handy if you want everyone to instantly see your messages in the chat. On the other hand, the “/silent” shortcut will let you send messages without notifying other users. it is also very handy if you don’t want other users to be disturbed by your messages.

The platform also confirmed that more shortcuts will be coming soon. Meta is working on a /pay shortcut which will allow users to request money within the messenger on both Android and iOS in the US. If users will use /gif along with some topic and the app will show a gif relating to that topic.

Just like WhatsApp, the company is also working on many new features for Facebook messenger. The company also announced some features back in January 2022 but most of those features are still not rolled out yet. Meta announced in January 2022 an improvement in secret conversations that also comes with E2E (End-to-end encryption) for chats. Some features like screenshots alert, emoji reactions, vanish mode are also announced by the company earlier this year and they are in development.

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