Google Added a New Tool to Let You Remove PII From Search Results

Securing people’s identity online, Google introduced a new tool on it’s Android app to let users request the removal of any of their PII showing up in the search results.

This option was tucked into the ‘About this Result’ section of every search, where users can tap to see all the guidelines on how to remove certain content. This is currently available to some users in the US and Europe, with more users and regions added later.

Requesting Removal of Your PII

Personally identifiable information (PII), which could be anything from a name, DOB, or address to more personal details like login credentials, etc., of some of your accounts – could be dangerous if exposed to the public.

Thus, Google is offering a way to let users request the removal of any of their PII showing up in it’s search results. Though this procedure is been in place for quite a time, there’s now a dedicated tool coming to the Google Android app to make it easier.

This is in line with Google’s plans for making your search experience better, as announced at the I/O event this year. The tool is named “Remove Result” and is stuffed inside the three-dot menu (About this Result) section of every result shown in Google Search.

Tapping on it will take you to a whole new page, explaining to you how to request the removal of certain search results. Once done submitting, you can track the progress of your requests in the ‘Results about you’ tab of the Google app, which cleverly categorizes the requests according to their progress in case you have multiple submissions.

Users can mention the specific reason why they’re requesting the result to be removed. This feature is currently available in the latest beta version of the Google Android app and only to some users in the US and Europe. More regions and people can be added soon.

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