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Google camera is not less than a miracle for android smartphones. Since other companies are laying on multiple cameras to deliver the premium quality, it was the dream of Google Pixel smartphones to introduce innovative yet powerful software. The pixel smartphones have come up with modern technology hence making them one of the best smartphone of this modern world in the photography profession. These phones have also a firm support for advanced features such as Astrophotography and others. Google has recently introduced the Google camera Application V7.4 with a number of new features and improvements. The communication is very speedy and finally, we have a working gcam mod of Gcam 7.4 for all the android smartphones.

What is Gcam?

what is gcam

Gcam is basically the mod of camera in which there is the google camera application installed in all the android smartphones to make sure that all the features work best for them. There are many innovations and improvements in Gcam. some are useful for the android devices and some are made specifically for single smartphones. The Gcam developers are working hard to improve the google camera result to its best. 

Features of Gcam 7.4 Mod

There are a number of specific and unique features of Gcam 7.4 Mod

. Some of them are listed below:

  • Automated mode of DND for video recording
  • Quick toggle for made changes in video recording
  • Resetting of system UI
  • 24fps for video shooting
  • 4k@60fps for recording videos
  • To adjust brightness and HDR for your snap, Gcam introduces exposure control
  • Introduced the frequent faces to capture the photos
  • Shutter button to hold the shortcut to capture the best photoshoots.

Download Stable Gcam 7.4 Mode for any Smartphone

An outstanding google application developer introduced the first version of Gcam 7.4 model after gaining huge success in 7.3 model. This new model is available and suitable for each and every android smartphone. Although there are some restrictions most important of which involves the camera support of 2 API. secondly, you should have e the Android version of  10 to run this feature application. The application GCam 7.3 mod will not run in the android models having version 9 or below. Here are some of the steps that may help you download and install GCam 7.4 mod to your android phone.

  • Download the APK file from here.
  • Select and install GCam 7.4
  • Now open the google camera when the app icon appears on your screen.
  • All done!
  • In case, if you run the old android version, then you can download old versions i.e. 7.3, 7.2 or 7.1 which is compatible with your version
  • Make sure you have camera2.API  enable on your smartphone before downloading this Gcam 7.4. If you don’t know that the camera2API is enabled or not, just type “camera2 API checker” from the play store. Download and install this application to check if the camera2api is enable or not.

Besides that, there are several other smartphones that run the Gcam version 7.4 very smoothly or without any trouble. 

This google application Gcam 7.4 works best for almost all of the android smartphones. This is also one of the best Google services known. This article describes all the features of the GCam application. If you find this article helpful and informative then give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family so that they will also get benefit from this innovative technology.

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