How to Fix Call Failed Error on iPhone

It is indeed frustrating to get through a number you are trying to call and receive a call failed notification. Several reasons can be there why you have been receiving the error. From poor signal to problem in settings, anything may have gone wrong. Listed below are some ways to troubleshoot and fix call Failed error on iPhone. So, have a read.

Ways To Fix Call Failed Error On iPhone

  1. Restart Your iPhone:

Restarting a smartphone is quite helpful in fixing small glitches. It helps prevent crashes, clears open apps draining the battery, cleans device cache, and repairs minor errors related to various apps. So, restart your iPhone and then try making a call to check if the problem is fixed. In case you have an older version of the iPhone, then allow 30 minutes of rest (keep it turned off) to your smartphone once a week.

  1. Re-insert the SIM:

One of the most common reasons why your call keeps failing is because of problems in your SIM. Remove the SIM from its slot in the phone and use a clean cotton cloth to wipe it, and insert it back in its place. Restart to check if the problem is solved. If your SIM is very old, you can get in touch with your carrier and get a SIM replacement for the same number. Most service providers are offering e-SIM, too, which is better than a physical one.

  1. Enable Voice & Data Option:

To make error-free calls, the VoLTE technology requires that you have both Voice & Data options activated and not just Data Only option. If you are using 4G or Wi-Fi to communicate, it is likely that your call will be failed or dropped, often. For smooth communication, enable Voice & Data option. Follow the process below:

Settings > Cellular or Carrier > Cellular Data Options > Carrier Data Options > Enable 4G > Voice & Data (click to select this option). Once you have completed the process, restart the phone so your iPhone can begin fresh with a new session without any errors.

  1. Use the Airplane Mode:

If you have a weak signal or a technological error, your call may fail or drop suddenly. Using the Airplane Mode has worked for several users. You need to toggle the Airplane Mode ON for a few seconds and then turn it OFF.

  • Settings > Airplane Mode and Toggle it ON wait for 10 to 15 seconds and Toggle it OFF

Turning the Airplane Mode ON and OFF allows your iPhone to understand the error post which it tries to put the signals up. This is just a quick solution and may not work for an issue that has deeper roots.

  1. Check Call Line ID:

Enabling the Calling Line Identification Restriction or CLIR allows your number to be hidden when making a call. The recipient will be unable to see your number if this feature is activated. Whether you have this feature intentionally or have activated it by mistake, your call may not go through. If the recipient you are trying to call has some features that don’t allow hidden numbers, your call will not go through.

  • You need to deactivate it by dialing *#31#

The code may be different for the country you are residing in. You can easily Google for the correct code and deactivate it.

  1. Reset Network Settings or Update the Carrier:

Outdated or wrong network configuration is another common reason why your call failed. Updating your carrier settings can help fix the error. Here is how you can do it:

  • Settings > General > About > Network – available update will be mentioned. Just click to update

Remember, resetting your network doesn’t remove any data or files present on your iPhone. However, all the Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi connections, along with the passwords and carrier configurations, are removed. You need to add them again. Resetting the network will take 3 to 5 minutes, don’t force stop the process in between by turning it off. There must be enough charge on your phone to complete the process smoothly.

  1. Check DND (Do Not Disturb) Settings:

We often use the Do Not Disturb mode for some quiet time but forget to turn it off later. Check to see whether you have activated the DND mode.

  • Settings > Do Not Disturb – Toggle it OFF if the option is turned ON, else you can look for one of the other solutions mentioned above

If you have tried all the solutions above but continue to face the call failed error on your phone, you must get in touch with Apple. Visit an Apple store and have your issue resolved through them.

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