Fix Clash Royale Connection Issues

With millions of online players, Clash Royale is one of the exciting and addictive mobile games. Clash Royale is a real-time head-to-head battle/ adventure/ strategy game developed by the Supercell tech company and has a good rating of 4.2 on google play. But with its latest version, there have been some errors and issues that have been bugging the players across the globe.

A very common issue players face is a connection issue. Many players complain that their game ping is dropping in the mid-game due to bad connection. Sometimes the game is not even loading completely. This can be really annoying if your entire game freezes in the middle of a raid. This article explains how you can fix Clash Royale connection issue and play the game smoothly.

What causes connection errors?

The connection error is a very common error found in most mobile games. The Wi-Fi icon on the top left corner of your gaming screen goes to red from green, and your game ping drops to 0. The higher your game ping is, the worse your internet or Wi-Fi connections are. Several reasons can contribute to this issue such as:

  • Unstable internet and Wi-Fi connection
  • Inside game glitches and bugs
  • Low battery
  • If you are playing the game with the highest graphics settings

Nevertheless, if you face such errors, you can simply fix them using some simple methods. Here are some methods to fix the connection issues on Clash Royale.

Methods to fix Clash Royale Connection issue

Method 1- Check your Wi-Fi connection:

There is a possibility that your internet connection is not plugged in. So make sure to check that your internet connection is fully plugged in. There may also be a chance of loose wire issues, so check that while you’re at it.

Method 2- Turn your Wi-Fi/ mobile data off and then turn it back on:

This is a very basic Internet connection fixing method. Just close the game and then turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile network from your phone. After that, wait for a few minutes and then turn it back on and restart the game. It may just fix your internet connection issues. Another way you can try it is by turning off your Wi-Fi and internet connection and then enabling Airplane mode on your phone for a few minutes. After that, turn off airplane mode and turn back your internet connection.

Method 3- Turn off Battery Saver mode

Sometimes your low battery can cause connection issues while playing a game. So if you are facing such issues, disable your battery saver mode or power-saving mode. It is not wise to play mobile games while in battery saver mode. It can also damage your phone’s battery.

Method 4- Turn your data saver mode off:

If you are playing games on your mobile internet, make sure that your data saver mode is disabled. Data-saver mode can cause connection issues while playing a game since it is meant to save more data.

Method 5- Switch to lowest graphics settings:

Although adventure games are supposed to be played with the highest graphics settings because mobile games have really amazing graphics, it may cause some lags while you’re playing it. The highest graphics take a lot of data to load, so it’s better to play in the lowest settings if you have connection issues.

Method 6- Turn both your Wi-Fi and mobile data on:

Clash Royale enables their players to play the game in both Wi-Fi and mobile data at the same time to avoid any connection errors. So turn on both your Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Method 7- Reinstall the game:

This method is to be used only when all the other methods mentioned above are not helping. If you are still facing connection errors, that can only mean that your game has some bugs in it. So, you need to reinstall the game and clear all the game caches. Here’s how you can do it:

“Settings” > “Apps” > “Clash Royale” > “Storage” > “Clear cache” + “Clear data”

Once you have cleared all the caches, uninstall the game and then reinstall it and launch the game.

It will fix your Clash Royale connection issues. And now you can play the game without having to worry about your ping. These are all the methods you can try to fix the connection error on Clash Royale. Hope this article was helpful for you.

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