Crackle Not Working

Streaming your favorite movies on a lazy Sunday afternoon by lying down on your comfy couch sounds like a plan! However, this gets even more exciting when you get to do it all for free. Wondering if that’s possible? Well, it surely is with Crackle, a video streaming platform with a cool bunch of TV shows and an outstanding movie collection. Due to being an ad-supported entertainment company, it can offer its streaming services absolutely free of charge. Now, all of that sounds really fun until the prime inconvenience arises, which is the Crackle not working on your smart television.

The movie/show you’re playing might buffer or get stuck for quite a while. Or, the app might appear to be dysfunctional, making your frustration reach its peak. However, we’re not going to let this problem ruin all your leisure-time plans as we’re here to share with you some tips and tricks that could come in handy when the Crackle app refuses to work on your smart TV. Be it famous brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, or any other smart TV that you own, we are hopeful that all of the following remedies will help fix the Crackle not working on Smart TV issue.

Fixes for Crackle not working on Smart TV issue:

Restart Your Smart TV

Restarting your smart television will help your device eliminate all the junk cache that might disrupt your seamless video streaming experience. Simply plug out your television from the socket and wait for a solid minute or a little more before plugging it back in. Afterward, Crackle must just work fine, and you can enjoy your favorite show/movie with zero interruptions.

Restore Your Internet Connection

It’s a no-brainer that video streaming apps like Crackle fully rely on your internet connection. Hence, you need to have a stable connection to stream videos via the app. You could always opt for troubleshooting your internet connection upon the arrival of problems. For this, reboot your Wi-Fi router that is connected to your smart TV.

Uninstall & Re-Download Crackle

It’s a good practice always to keep your apps updated to their latest versions. If your Crackle app has not been updated, then the reason behind it not working properly might be because it is still in its old version. If you have a storage issue and updating your apps is not possible, you could try uninstalling Crackle and then reinstalling it again. The app will reinstall in its latest version and should work fine on your smart TV.

Eliminate Any Ad-Blockers

As mentioned before, Crackle is a video streaming service that is fully ad-supported. That is also the reason behind it being an absolutely free video streaming platform. Now, the presence of ad-blockers on your device might cause issues with Crackle’s display of advertisements, which might cause the app to not work on your smart device. Hence, make sure your smart TV has no ad-blockers installed that would hamper Crackle’s performance.

Getting your hands on a video streaming platform like Crackle, which is fully free, feels truly amazing. The minute problems with it might add some inconveniences to your overall experience, but with our fixes in mind, we hope they can be tackled easily. Thus, make your movie nights seamless and worthwhile with Crackle and our quick fixes.

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