Fix Netflix Screen Flickering Issue

Globally famous video streaming and production platform Netflix offers high-quality video content to users. However, some users seem to have been troubled with flickering screen issues while watching Netflix on Windows and macOS systems. Before we can proceed to fix Netflix screen flicking issue, here are some reasons why you may be facing this issue:

Brower issue – Chrome is no longer considered the popular browsers of today. Instead, Chromium and Safari are undeniably the best ones for Windows and macOS, respectively. Firefox, too is a good browser to work on or watch Netflix. If you are using an unsupported browser, then you are ought to face this issue.

Limited Battery Power – Microsoft and Apple have added a battery-life-centric algorithm as manufacturers now consider it a primary selling point. When the battery power is limited and the system is trying to save power, you may face this issue.

Malware – If a virus or malware has attacked your system, you may likely face several types of issues in running the system smoothly, including a flickering screen on Netflix.

Limited Account Users – If the number of users on Netflix exceeds the permitted number, the video content running may look problematic on Windows and macOS systems.

AMD Graphics Card – If the AMD graphics card of your system is erroneous, then your video is bound to flicker. That’s why it is significant that you always keep your drivers updated.

OS Bug – Both Windows 11 and macOS Monterey are the latest upgrades and unstable. Keep an eye for the developer updates as they tend to fix the bugs encountered on the latest OS.

Fixes for Netflix screen flickering issue:

Method 1: Server Status of Netflix

Netflix is hosted by Amazon on the AWS platform, and even the best server is bound to face issues at some point. An uptime of 100% is not guaranteed even by the mighty Amazon. Here is how to check if your server is down:

Open the desktop browser on your respective system

Go to the server status page of Netflix

If the statement “Netflix is up! We are not experiencing an interruption to our streaming service” is mentioned, you can be sure that the issue doesn’t lie here.

However, if the server is down, you must wait till the AWS is fixed and your Netflix is up and running.

Method 2: Change Your Browser

Try changing your current browser to see if Netflix works without a flickering screen. Firefox is an open-source project and works pretty well. Brave or Edge and similar browsers should be avoided.

Method 3: Disable Plug-ins of the Browser

Although plug-ins offer interesting features, they may interfere with the working of other apps. Try disabling them on the browser and use the built-in media player to watch Netflix.

Open your browser and click on the three dots on the top right corner of your window

From the drop-down, select Extensions

Next, click on Manage-Extensions

You will find the add-ons on the browser; just toggle them to disable

Close the browser and relaunch it – now try playing Netflix to see if the issue is resolved

The above steps were for Edge browse, and most browsers follow similar steps.

Method 4: Scan System for Virus

Open the anti-virus that is installed on your system and run a scan for the system. Wait for the system to detect, delete and fix the malware or viruses found in the system.

Restart your system and play Netflix to see if the issue persists.

Method 5: Maximum Power Output

For Windows 11 or Earlier

Your Windows and macOS system must be running on High Performance so Netflix can be played in high resolution. Here is how you do it:

Open Control Panel from the Search Bar

Select Hardware and Sound

Next click on Power options, and here select High-Performance option

Once you select this power plan, your system will utilize maximum power, and your Netflix will run uninterruptedly.

For MacOS or earlier

Click on the Apple logo and select System Preferences

Next select Battery, and here select “Optimize video streaming while on battery”

Doing this will allow your Netflix to play videos smoothly without any flickering issues.

Follow any of the above step-by-step instructions to fix the screen flickering issue of Netflix on your Windows and macOS systems.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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