How To Fix Slow Internet Connection On Huawei P30

Slow internet connection on Huawei P30 has become a very common issue. However, it is to mention that this is the issue with most of the smartphone these days. There are several reasons that slow down the internet speed. Anyways, you can always speed up the internet on your mobile by following some simple tips. This article is all about that. We have mentioned here some tips that will increase the internet speed.

Ways to fix slow internet connection on your Huawei P30

Step 1: Download the lighter version of the app

If you are wondering how to speed up android phone internet, you should first consider downloading the lighter version of any app. Developers are coming out with a light version of their app which uses less data and runs much faster. Since those apps use less data so the downloading time too will be less.

Step 2: Restart everything

Another useful tip to fix the slow internet connection on Huawei P30 is by restarting the modem, router and the phone itself. If you are using mobile data, then restart your phone definitely to check if that can resolve the issue for you. However, if it is about the Wi-Fi, then restart the modem and router as well. A restart will give a fresh start to everything. So, it can fix up the issue for sure.

How To Fix Slow Internet Connection On Huawei P30

Step 3: Turn on data saver in the Chrome browser

Chrome browser is the default Android browser which comes with an optional data saver mode. Once this feature is turned on, it compresses the pages before you visit them. As a result, it takes less time to load and also saves huge data. So, you will enjoy double advantages. Here is how to activate this feature.

Open the Chrome browser and go to menu icon > Settings> Data Saver. Finally, turn this option on.

Step 4: Use an ad blocking browser

If you are looking for other ways to increase internet speed on Android mobiles, then this step will act great for you. Several ad blocking browsers are available in the play store that aims at saving your huge data. All these browser blocks the ad and compresses the image files. These obviously lessen the page download time. So, it will automatically fix up the slow internet issue on your Android device.

Step 5: Check the network settings

Another useful way to increase the internet speed on Huawei P30 is by using the 4G connection. Check once if you have already preferred this option or not. To check that, go to settings> Network and Internet>mobile network> Preferred Network and then choose 4G here.

Step 6: Soft reset the phone

Looking for more ways on how to speed up android phone internet? A simple trick is to just perform a soft reset in your device. It will offer a fresh start to the device. To perform a soft reset, just press and hold down the power key for 10 seconds. The phone will vibrate and you will notice a Huawei logo. That’s it.

Step 7: Reset network settings

An incorrect network setting sometimes can lead to several issues including the slow internet one. There are times when you have tried to install an update or made some changes in the settings which have accidentally changed the network settings as well. So, its always better to have a check on that. To reset the network settings follow the below step.

Go to settings> Advanced settings> Back Up & Reset> Reset Network setting and the tap reset network setting once again to confirm the process.

Step 8: Install updates

Ensure your phone is updated by the latest software available. The software update comes with several bug fixes which aim at fixing various minor issues. So, who knows if the latest update can resolve your slow internet issue? To check if any update is available or not, go to settings >System> System Update and check if any update is available or not.

Step 9: Factory reset

If you have tried all the above fixes but none of them turned out to be the solution, then you need to perform a factory reset. But, before going ahead, have a back up of the data as this process will delete everything from the device. Here is how to perform a factory reset.

Go to settings> Back up & reset> factory data reset and select yes to confirm the process.


These are the ways to fix slow internet connection on Huawei P30. Try the fixes one by one and it will definitely help you in resolving the issue.



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