Record screen on Samsung galaxy s22

Are you a Samsung S22 user and want to record your screen but don’t know how? Well then, this guide is just for you.

Screen recording is a very useful feature in every mobile device. Nowadays, you can have this feature on PC as well. As the name suggests, screen recording allows you to record what’s going on on your screen. It’s the best way to record any programs or tutorials. You can save the recording and then send it on your social media or to your friends.

Screen recording has become easier in the latest Samsung models. You no longer need to have a third-party app to record your screen since, nowadays, screen recording features come in build. Currently, this feature is available on a few selected Samsung smartphones that are running on One UI 3.1 and Android 11.

So if you don’t know how to record your screen using your in-built screen recording feature on your Samsung Galaxy S22, then read the full article. In today’s guide we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to record screen on Samsung Galaxy S22.

Methods to record screen on Samsung galaxy s22:

Method 1: Using Screen Record feature on Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with an in-built screen recording feature. You can easily record your screen just by swiping down your notification panel. Here’s how you can do it:

To start, swipe down from the top of your screen and open your notification panel.

You will see many small icons. At the bottom right corner, you will notice a screen recorder icon. You can long-press it to change the recording quality.

From the setting, you can also change the mic, media sound etc.

Once you have chosen all your preferred settings, simply press the start recording button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

After that, you will see a brief account down, and your screen recording will start

A small icon will pop up in the top right corner with options to start picture-in-picture, draw on, or pause your recording.

Once the recording is done, you can stop it by clicking on the square Stop button on the right.

Sometimes the screen recording icon doesn’t show up in the notification panel. In that case, you need to perform the following steps so that you can bring the icon to your quick panel

Swipe down and open your notification and panel, then click on the three-dot vertical icon at the top right corner of the screen.

After that, hit the button order

Now you can see the screen recording icon

Press and hold to drag it into your quick access panel.

If the screen record icon is still not visible, you can try the next method to record your screen on Galaxy S22. This method also works on older Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Method 2: Download third party screen recording app:

If you Google the screen recording app, you will see multiple third-party apps available in Play Store that allow you to record your screen. So find the best suitable third party app for your smartphone and then perform the following steps:

First, go to your play store and search for a screen recording app.

Click on your preferred app and then hit the install button.

Once the installation process is complete, go and open the app and start recording your screen.

A screen recording icon will appear in the notification panel once you have installed the application. You can also record the screen by hitting that icon.

Ending words:

And that’s all folks. Hope the above two methods have helped you record your screen on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

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