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Meta on Wednesday announced launching AMBER alerts on Instagram, which would help authorities find missing children in their local areas.

AMBER alerts is already available on Facebook since 2015, and help authorities find hundreds of children. With this rolling out to Instagram, authorities can publish faces and details of missing children to users living in the designated areas, and seek their help in finding them.

AMBER Alerts on Instagram

Agencies using technology in their daily course of activities isn’t new and is often recommended with certain rules to get the work done faster and better. As we see law enforcement agencies exploiting our biometric and identity data with certain technologies, some use proper tech to help the public too.

One such platform is Facebook, where Meta is helping authorities to find missing children in localities with an AMBER alert feature. While this has been on Facebook since 2015 and helped authorities find hundreds of children to date, Meta is bringing the same support to Instagram this week.

As announced on its blog, Instagram added support for AMBER alerts in association with various organizations like the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the US, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, the National Crime Agency in the US, the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico, and the Australian Federal Police, etc.

AMBER Alerts on Instagram

Whenever there’s an incident of missing children from a certain locality, the concerned law enforcement can activate the AMBER alert on Instagram to distribute the details of those missing children – and seek help from the people.

Users will be seeing these alerts as a general post in their home feed, with details like the missing child’s photo, description, last location, and other available information. These will be distributed by Instagram accordingly, with the help of users’ IP addresses, location services (if enabled), and the city listed on your profile.

Meta announced that it’s rolling out AMBER alerts on Instagram starting this week, and be available in 25 countries – Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Ukraine, the UK, UAE, and the US.

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