Pioneer India launches TS-A30S4 1400W subwoofer with Rubber Sound

So recently a leading Japanese brand in the car infotainment and DJ equipment has recently introduced its TS-A30S4 subwoofer along with Glass fiber and mica reinforced IMPP cone. As you would have thought the company is none other than Pioneer India. The device’s material and combination of the dynamic tornado step shape gives the user a high rigidity and authentic bass sound quality. The subwoofer which is also highly compact will measure 12″ in diameter is 4 ohms voice coil subwoofer.

TS-A30S4 conical subwoofer is designed and reinforced with mica and fiber glass along with a powerful motor assembly which enables it to achieve a loud bass punchy sound at 1400 W of maximum power. The subwoofer’s Rubber Surround has increased movement stability and linearity which assists and enables it to produce accurate bass sound quality.

TS-A30S4 also comes with many other amazing features like push terminals for safe connectivity and large current flow. The Butterness Ring technology utilized in the woofer reproduces high bass without it losing sound even at the highest volume. Its aramid fiber contained spider enhances linearity and stability during loud bass and high output.

The Pioneer TS-A30S4 will be available for purchase soon online at soon.

During the launch of The Pioneer TS-A30S4, Mr. Hideaki ISHII, who is the Managing Director of Pioneer Electronics India, said and we do quote “This product is conceptualized and launched to keep in mind the changing demands of the car users who love to derive maximum benefits from their vehicles. Now, inside your car you can experience the beats of a discotheque and that too at a very nominal price, i.e., Rs 4990.”

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