Fortitude in ARK

Are you a fan of action-adventure survival games? Then Ark: Survival Evolved just may be the best game to drive in. And if you are already enjoying the game, then here is something you should know. If you are an ARK player, the most important skill you need to learn is managing your stats.

Your stats are determined by how you interact with the world and other factors.

There are many different stats like HP, which is quite easy enough to understand, and then there is fortitude that can be a little difficult for beginners to comprehend. In this article, we break down all the necessary details regarding fortitude, like what is fortitude in ARK and is it useful or not? So let’s drive in…..

What do you mean by Fortitude in ARK?

Fortitude in ARK is one kind of in-game stat that measures how much you are affected by specific status effects. For example, if your fortitude is higher, you will have better resistance to heat, cold, poison, and other things. You can increase your fortitude whenever you get points to upgrade your stats.

Why do I need to level up my Fortitude in ARK?

When playing ARK, players are required to level up their fortitude. It may seem unnecessary initially, but it is very important for surviving. The higher the fortitude is, the more resistance you become while traveling in a cold or hot environment. It helps keep you warm and protect you from the dreaded ice cubes in a cold environment. On the other hand, fortitude can make you resistant to heat in a hot environment and keep you cool for a longer time. It also decreases the amount of torpidity you take from certain attacks. That way, you can escape dangerous situations and save your life. In a Rex roar, your fortitude level will help reduce the amount you defecate.

However, remember that when you are leaving up your stats, the other stats options are also important to keep you alive. Fortitude can no doubt give you a boost, but it may not be very helpful in different situations. That’s why leveling up your other stats is also necessary, i.e., health, carrying resources, and stamina.

Do points affect fortitude?

When you are assigned points in fortitude, it simply means that you will have extra points for your ability to stay awake before you lose your consciousness. When you start the game for the first time, you get 50 torpor resistance. And from there, the more points you add to fortitude, the more points you will have before you pass out.

When traveling through an environment with temperatures of 23° Fahrenheit, you need to spend your 45 points in fortitude to withstand the cold. This just indicates how important it is to level up your fortitude while playing ARK. You can also increase the insulation, which can also help you to resist both hot and cold environments. Every time you add points in fortitude, you will receive an extra 4.5 points into your insulation. For example, if you have one point in fortitude, your hypo and hyperthermic insulation will be 4. And if you add 10 points into fortitude, you will have 45 points in insulation.

How to Increase Stats Affected by Fortitude

Only leveling up your fortitude will not help you stay alive in the game. You also need to level up your interaction with the world. There are many things that can help you to increase your fortitude-adjacent stats without using your character points. Although they don’t increase your fortitude, they help you improve the stats that fortitude affects.

Many food items can help you in doing many dangerous activities in ARK. Some food items can also increase your hyperthermic and hypothermic insulation, making you resistant to cold and heat. Let’s look at some of the food items that can increase your insulation stats.

  1. Fria Curry:

This spicy curry dish is designed to help you withstand cold environments. After eating the curry, it will make your body hot, and by doing so, you will get a 50-point bonus for your hypothermic insulation. To make this dish into a cooking pot, you will need one container of water, Two narcotics, 20 azulberry, Ten mejoberry, Five rockarrot, and Five longrass. Fria Curry takes 1 minute to make. The effect of the curry goes away in five hours if you keep it on your character, 20 hours in the inventory of a tamed dino, 2 days in a preserving bin, or 20 days in a refrigerator. Usually, the effect stays for 15 minutes.

  1. Calien Soup:

Just like Fria Curry, this dish can also give you a 50-point bonus for your hyperthermic insulation. It’s a refreshing vegetarian dish, which can slow down the effect of how quickly you go through water. To make this dish in the cooking pot, you will need one full container of water, two simulants, 20 amarberries, ten mejoberries, 20 tinto berries and finally five citronal. It also takes 1 minute to prepare and gets spoiled in 5 hours if you keep it on your character, 20 hours in the inventory of a tamed dino, two days in a preserving bin, or 20 days in a refrigerator. The effect of the dish also lasts for 15 minutes.

Not only foods, but there is some Armor as well that can affect your Insulation stats. Let’s take a look:

  1. Cloth Armor: (50 armor; 50 hypothermic insulation; 60 hyperthermic insulation)
  2. Hide Armor: (100 armor; 85 hypothermic insulation; -25 hyperthermic insulation)
  3. Ghillie Armor: (160 armor; 24 hypothermic insulation; 155 hyperthermic insulation)
  4. Chitin Armor: (250 armor; 43 hypothermic insulation; -35 hyperthermic insulation)
  5. Fur Armor: (200 armor; 249 hypothermic insulation; -105 hyperthermic insulation)
  6. Flak Armor: (500 armor; 60 hypothermic insulation; -25 hyperthermic insulation)
  7. Hazard Armor: (325 armor; 50 hypothermic insulation; 300 hyperthermic insulation)
  8. Desert Cloth Armor: (200 armor; 31 hypothermic insulation; 130 hyperthermic insulation)
  9. SCUBA Suit: (Five armor; 70-270 hypothermic insulation; -15 hyperthermic insulation)
  10. Tek Armor: (900 armor; 255 hypothermic insulation; 208 hyperthermic insulation)
  11. Riot Armor: (575 armor; 60 hypothermic insulation; -17 hyperthermic insulation)

The above-mentioned Armor can help increase your hypothermic insulation for cold environments but can not help you in hot climates. For instance, the fur armor increases your cold resistance by 249 but reduces your heat resistance by 105 degrees. So if you have a plan to go to the final boss path in the island volcano, you need to bring more than just one type of armor.

How to increase your Insulation?

Other than using foods and Armors, there are also plenty of other options that can help you to increase your insulation. For instance, if you are inside a building, you can get a 112 point to your hypothermic insulation and a 56 point to your hyperthermic insulation. Lighting up a torch can give you a 50-point boost to cold resistance but reduces your heat resistance by 25 points. The points will get double the number when you use a standing torch.

They are a quick and easy way to build your Insulation. A campfire also does the same thing giving you resistance to cold while decreasing your heat resistance. Air conditioners are also another valuable option that can grant you a 100-point boost to both resistances. However, it only works inside a unit and not outside. You can use air conditioners to hatch dinosaur eggs since dinosaur eggs require a steady flow of both heat and cold.

How to Increase Torpidity Resistance?

This might surprise you, but there are few ways to increase your resistance to torpidity, even if you increase your fortitude. However, you can eat some stimberries to reduce your torpidity quickly. It can help you stay awake but does not shake off the effect fully. This also increases the amount of water in your body. Each berry can get you -10 points of torpidity.

Stimulants can also be helpful. You can easily craft them with stimberries and sparkpowder. They can lower your torpidity by 40 points per serving. It is a faster option than stimberries. However, just like stimberries it also drains out water from your body quickly. You can also use a high-rating Armor to lose up the torpidity effect.

Summing up:

While playing ARK, you can either choose to level up your fortitude or you can put those points into other areas and move on with your fortitude just as it is. It depends on the players themselves and how he/she wants to stay alive for longer. Fortitude does help you to survive. Because you never know when a certain creature can one-shot you or not. Some foods and Armors do lower the damaging effect to a certain degree, but you can never be too careful about your life! What are your thoughts on fortitude in ARK? Tell us in the comments below.

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