Command Key On Windows

What Is Command Key?

Our system performs various tasks that we command. An external gives input to the system, and in response to that, the system provides an output accordingly.

Now you can either give the command to your system with the help of your mouse, or you can use some shortcuts on your keyboard. Moreover, you can also navigate to the specific settings to perform your task.

Now, a command key is a key on the keyboard which helps in giving specific commands to your system. Users can use the combination of the command key with other keys to give commands to our system.

Is Command Key Present In All Keyboards?

The answer to this question is no. The command key is not present on all keyboards. It is specifically present on the Apple keyboards.

The command key was created by America-based artist and graphic designer Susan Kare. She is known for contributing to Apple Macintosh in the typeface and interface elements field.

The command key is also referred to as the cmd key, Beanie key, Cloverleaf key, open Apple key, or fan key.

On any Apple keyboard, you can find the command key. It is placed after the “control” and “option” keys. It is imprinted as a “command” on Apple’s keyboards. Furthermore, you can find all these three keys at the bottom of the Apple keyboard. You can map these three keys alongside the spacebar key on the Apple keyboard.

What About Windows Keyboards?

Windows operating system keyboards have no command key. As on Apple keyboards, there is a specific key, which is not the case with Windows-based keyboards.

So for a new user who will use the Windows keyboard after using Apple keyboards. They might face difficulty. So, is there any other option? Yes, there are some solutions.

The control key, imprinted as the “ctrl” key on Windows keyboards, works similar to Apple’s “command” key.

How To Create A Command Key on Windows Keyboard?

For Mac Operating System Users

If you have a regular keyboard that you use with your Windows system and the Mac operating system. You can convert any key on your keyboard to the “command” key. You can do this by the below-mentioned steps:-

In your Apple menu, navigate to “system preferences” in your Apple OS-based system

In “system preferences,” you will see ‘keyboard.’ Click on it

The Keyboard menu will open. Select the option reading” modifier keys.”

If you have various keyboards connected to your device, all of them will be shown by the system in this option.

Select any keyboard whose key you wish to modify

Now, next to the command key in the dropdown list, could you choose a different option for it?

It depends on which new key you want to assign a command key.

For Windows Operating System Users

Don’t worry if you have a normal keyboard with your Windows operating system-based device. You can convert any key on your keyboard to the “command” key. Here are the steps for that:

It would be best if you had to download Mouse and Keyboard Center. This is an app developed by Microsoft

Download and install the app. Launch it

Now select the command key and target key which you wish to assign

Analogous Relationship Of Shortcuts

There exists an analogous relationship for some important shortcuts between Apple keyboards and Windows keyboards. The commands and the shortcuts key related to them are listed below:

Commands                 Apple Keyboard Shortcuts               Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


Print                            Command + P                                     Ctrl + P


Select all                     Command + A                                     Ctrl + A


Copy                            Command + C                                     Ctrl + C


Cut                               Command + X                                     Ctrl + X


Paste                           Command + V                                     Ctrl + V

Command Key Is Not Working


In some instances, users might face some errors in the functioning of their command key. In normal cases, you do not face any issues. This happens only if you change your normal keyboard’s functioning. For example, if you assigned any other key to work as a command key, you might face an issue.

The command key might not work if the specifically assigned key has faced some physical damage. Physical damage can happen to your keyboard in many ways. The most common method of physical damage is spilling fluids on your keyboard. A fluid spill damages the circuit of the keyboard. This tampering can affect the normal functioning of your keyboard. It might function partially or get fully affected by the liquid spill.

Another reason for it not to be working, it might be an error in your system. Some bugs in the keyboard settings can cause problems. These bugs hamper the normal functioning of usual working of the apps.


A spontaneous reaction is required if your keyboard has faced a fluid spill. There is quite a possibility that you can save your keyboard from extreme damage. As soon as the fluid spills, turn your keyboard upside down. If you are using your laptop, there is a minimal chance of saving your keyboard. But still, you can try. Please put it on for some time, then use the hair dryer to make the keyboard dry.

Also, to keep your keyboard safe from dust, you should clean it regularly.

For the settings bugs, troubleshoot the settings. If you find deleting the cache files necessary, delete them. Modify your previous settings. Try assigning a different key as the command key rather than the last key. Keep in mind to first apply the changes whenever you make any changes in the settings.

You can use software that remaps the keys of your keyboard. Some popular software for remapping keys of your keyboard are Sharpkeys, KeyTweak, Input Remapper, and Hotkey Bind. This trustworthy and effective software helps you remap your keys on the keyboard.


The command key is very helpful when giving inputs to your system. Instead of getting help from your mouse, you can use a combination of commands and other keys to perform specific tasks.

Since the command key is available only for Apple keyboards, Windows users can modify their keyboards. The modification will help them to assign any key in their Windows keyboard as a command key.

This way, you can use your Windows keyboard and get the experience of Apple keyboards.

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