WhatsApp Users May Soon be Able to Upload Voice Status

Since early this year, WhatsApp has been on a roll by adding new features every now and then. This is due to the growing competition, we’re even more happy that the widely used messenger app is developing interesting features.

The latest one coming in this pursuit is the “voice status“, where users can upload their recorded voices or an audio file to the day-spanned status, which is viewable by user’s contacts. Well, this isn’t functional yet, since it’s in the beta stage.

WhatsApp Voice Status

Though Meta is blamed for sucking popular features from rivals to fit on it’s own apps, it’s at least developing them well enough to be good. Picking of Status (aired for only 24 hours) from Snapchat is one thing that attracted huge criticism, but it’s adding new features to status to make it better.

The latest one is adding new support to regular status on WhatsApp, where users are allowed to add voice notes! As seen by WaBetaInfo, the WhatsApp Android beta v2.22.16.3 has a new button called “voice status”, right above the notes icon in the status tab.

Tapping on that will cater to nothing, as it’s not functional yet, even for beta users. But WaBetaInfo explained that it should let users add voices (recorded or uploaded) to the status, which can be viewed by our contacts as per pre-set privacy settings. But details on what type of audio files are supported or how long they can be are yet to be known.

While we wait for WhatsApp to reveal it officially, Twitter is working on a similar feature called voice tweets in iOS, which too has been in development for months. We have to wait a little longer to see how this new type of status update work.

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