Best Cheapest Knifes in CS2


While glove skins often take the spotlight, knife skins hold their own in terms of prestige and value, often regarded as elite items within the gaming community. Players who possess high-value knives are revered and respected among their peers. Despite the common perception that all knife skins come with a hefty price tag, there are indeed affordable options available. In this article, we aim to shed light on some of the best and most budget-friendly knife skins in CS2, providing players with guidance on acquiring these prized possessions without breaking the bank. Join us as we navigate the world of affordable knife skins, offering insight and recommendations to elevate your CS2 inventory. Let’s get started!

Most Affordable Knives in the Game

Gut Knife | Night

Introduced in 2013, the Gut Knife | Night is among the first batch of skins released in the game. The skin is widely held by players; therefore, it is relatively hard to find active listings on third-party platforms. With Covert rarity, the skin is considered super rare, with an estimated drop chance of 0.15%. The price for a field-tested version will be around $71. You can also find the StatTrak configured version, which will allow you to monitor the kills you make using this weapon. But bear in mind that the price for the StatTrak version will be higher compared to a normal skin without this option.

Falchion Knife | Freehand

The Falchion Knife | Freehand is among the most popular items not only among knife skins but all the skins available in the game, mainly due to its design. The design is created in a street art style, featuring a dark purple blade adorned with white hand-drawn images of little humans, arrows, lightning bolts, wavy lines, etc. The rarity is Covert, and there is also a StatTrak version available for this skin. Regarding the price, it will vary based on the conditions of individual listings, but it mainly will be above $100.

Survival Knife | Forest DDPAT

If you ever dreamed of joining the Armed Forces when you were younger, the Survival Knife | Forest DDPAT is just the thing for you. Its blade has a pixelated camouflage design that looks like it belongs in the forest, with shades of green, khaki, beige, and brown. You can get this skin from the Fracture case, but remember, it’s pretty rare, so it might be harder to find compared to other items in the case. Lots of pro players, like Nexa, really like using this skin in matches all around the world.

Methods for Acquiring Them

Acquiring cheap knife skins in CS2 can be accomplished through various methods:

Game drops offer a chance to obtain these skins at the end of regular matches, with cheap knife skins often having a higher drop chance. Additionally, purchasing knife skins directly from the Steam Community Market or third-party marketplaces provides a straightforward way to acquire specific skins of your choice, bypassing the uncertainty of drops. While case openings present the allure of potentially obtaining rare items, they come with inherent risks and costs, as the odds of receiving a high-value knife skin from a case are typically low. Players should weigh their preferences, budget, and willingness to take risks when deciding on the most suitable method for acquiring cheap knife skins to enhance their CS2 inventory.

What to Do If You Already Own Them

If you find yourself in possession of inexpensive knife skins in your CS2 inventory, there are several options you can consider to maximize their value and utility:

Trading Them for Other Items: One option is to explore trading your cheap knife skins with other players for items of similar or greater value. You can utilize platforms such as Steam Community Market or third-party trading websites to connect with potential traders. Look for opportunities where you can exchange your knife skins for items that you desire or that hold higher market value.

Waiting for Price Appreciation: Another strategy is to exercise patience and wait for the price of your knife skins to appreciate over time. Prices can fluctuate based on various factors such as demand, rarity, and game updates. By holding onto your cheap knife skins and monitoring the market trends, you may find that their value increases over time. Keep an eye on market dynamics and consider selling your skins when you believe they have reached a satisfactory price point.

Using Them During Matches: While waiting for price appreciation or exploring trading options, you can still make use of your cheap knife skins by using them during matches. Regardless of their market value, knife skins can add personalization and flair to your in-game experience. Additionally, using your knife skins, such as Skeleton Knives, in matches can serve as a form of advertisement, potentially attracting attention from other players who may be interested in trading or purchasing them.


In summary, while high-value knife skins hold prestige in the CS2 community, it’s crucial to acknowledge the availability of affordable alternatives for budget-conscious players. The Gut Knife | Night, Falchion Knife | Freehand, and Survival Knife | Forest DDPAT exemplify such options, offering personality and style without straining your wallet. By exploring these choices and making strategic purchases, you can enhance your gaming experience while staying within budget. Here’s to wishing you many big wins ahead!


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