PDF reader apps available for Android

Most archives you download online are in PDF format. PDF stands for Portable Document format, and because of its convenience, the format is profoundly common. There are numerous well-known PDF reader apps available for Android, iOS and Windows. Be that as it may, Android gadgets will most likely be unable to open PDF files of course if they don’t have a PDF reader installed.

Additionally, some PDF readers are just appropriate for reading and altering office reports however don’t give acceptable experience while reading digital books. Here, we have a rundown of best PDF reader apps available for Android to read, alter, and share archives easily.

Best PDF reader apps available for Android, iOS and Windows

PDF reader apps available for Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program used for review reports, making changes and marking files and documents! The program is outfitted with a wide scope of features and settings – from late evening reading mode to making new PDF documents dependent on the filtered pages with the camera smartphone.

You can immediately open PDF documents sent by email or downloaded from locales, scan for the essential data inside the report, parchment, and zoom. Pick a solitary page, read mode or consistent looking over.

PDF reader apps available for Android

What’s more, Adobe Acrobat Reader offers incredible open doors for individuals who like to make their notes when reading a book. While choosing the text section, the accompanying commands are accessible: copy, highlight, cross-out, underline. Comments are made on a different board, there are remarks, marks, drawing and different well-known apparatuses.

For drawing, you can use different shapes, change the thickness, shading and simplicity of the lines.

The application permits you to comment on files and use devices for drawing, highlight and enter text, view and work with explanations in the comments list. You can use the camera of your smartphone to filter the ideal document and save it in PDF format. Furthermore, it is conceivable to make an individual mark with your finger.

The application is centered on cloud integration related to other Adobe items. This reality makes Adobe Acrobat Reader a one of a kind item among other PDF supervisor apps. You can use the Acrobat.com cloud (free stockpiling) to store documents. Among different alternatives – trade from PDF to DOC, DOCX, XLSX or RTF (Adobe ExportPDF), these features are accessible simply after a paid membership. The application bolsters 20 languages.

PDF Viewer Pro

PDF Viewer is a basic, fundamental PDF reader application. It conveys the entirety of the essential features, including explanations, cloud support, zoom, bookmarks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The pro version of the app includes themes, different customization options, and docs merging into a single PDF.

You additionally get Material Design and to some degree, simple UI generally speaking. Fortunately, the free version is free, clearly, so you can try it without paying for any membership. It’s better than expected, yet more impressive alternatives are available.

Google PDF Viewer

PDF reader apps available for Android

Google’s PDF Viewer is likewise lightweight and simple to use, yet it comes supported by the organization that fundamentally runs the world with the goal that’s an additional advantage.

It won’t show a symbol. Rather, you will get the alternative to open documents using Google PDF Viewer. The application is improved for Android so in case you’re using that brand it’s an easy decision.

It conveniently adjusts in case you’re reading sideways and is improved to augment screen space. Because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t cumbersome. Generally, the single word we’d use to depict it would be SMOOTH.

WPS Office

PDF reader apps available for Android

WPS Office is another across the board office solution. It’s generally an office app and manages different documents, spreadsheets, and such, yet besides accompanies PDF features. You can change over different documents to PDF and view PDF files locally.

This is valuable if you have a file that should be in a more official format. It’s not excessively overwhelming on PDF highlights, yet if you need an office app and a PDF reader, this is a decent method to solve two problems at once.

The membership includes a couple of extra, helpful features and removes pop-ups and ads. It’s not completely vital, however.

Docs to Go Free Office Suite

It offers “InTact technology” which allows you to save formatting while transferring a report from a PC to cell phone/tablet, and augmentations to work with the “cloud” will help synchronize and move documents between various devices.

All documents are shown in one app, and you no longer need to look for them. You can undoubtedly move documents between your phone, tablet, and PC without damaging any formatting. The application is accessible in more than 15 languages.

The application underpins Dropbox, Google Drive, and other well-known cloud services. Search and organization of files and documents are carried out through own file manager.

Work with MS Office docs version 97 and higher, see PDF documents, save docs to different removable media and different devices, or send them through email – this is accessible in the Docs to go bundle. The bundle comprises of a few applications. One of them is PDF to go which gives functions for working PDF documents: word wrap, auto-turn, page scaling, and text copying.

Buy the right application from Docs to Go, and you will gain access to working with cloud services, documents with password protection. Likewise, you will have the option to synchronize with a PC.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most remarkable word processors on the smartphone or a PC. The application likewise supports PDF files. You can make PDF documents and save them as that record type or you can open PDFs and view them through the application.

MS-Word does a group of different things too including word handling, stuff like resume building, and much more. Moreover, it even has features for digital book reading and other such PDF use cases. It’s good across the board answer for the individuals who need a PDF reader just as a word processor.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned rundown was some of the Best PDF reader apps available for Android, iOS and Windows. You can use either of them and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

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