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Google Drive now gets the support for the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts on both Windows and macOS platforms. These shortcuts are super handy if you use Google Drive a lot on desktop computers. As the name suggests, both these shortcuts will allow you to easily copy and paste files using a keyboard from one location to another within Google Drive.

Google Drive Copy and Paste Shortcuts:

The shortcuts will the same as the ones on Windows or macOS. For Windows, users can use Ctrl + C to copy files, Ctrl + X to cut files, and Ctrl + V to paste files. And for macOS, users will use ⌘ + C to copy, ⌘ + X to cut, and ⌘ + V to paste files.

It is now easy for users to move multiple files from one location to another within Google Drive using keyboard shortcuts. Previously, users had to use the mouse to do the same functions and it takes multiple steps while using the mouse which is sometimes very hectic and uneasy. The same shortcuts can also be used to move files from Google Drive to multiple tabs on Google Chrome.

In a blog post, the search giant also revealed that with these keyboard shortcuts, the file link and title can also be copied from the drive and users can paste it on emails, and other documents if they want to.

Below is the demo of these functions:

Google Drive

The cloud storage service from Google also adds support for Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Shift + V keyboard shortcuts which will be used to create file shortcuts within the cloud storage platform. This will help remove the duplicate files in the cloud storage and save some useful storage.

Another useful shortcut that will be added with the recent update is Ctrl+Enter. This shortcut will allow users to open a new file or folder in the new tab. This feature will be useful when users need to open multiple files or folders at the same time.

These Keyboard shortcuts on Google Drive will be available for all users and Google Workspace customers globally from 1st June 2022.

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