Google to Let Users Spend Their Play Points For In-App Purchases

Google is planning to let users spend their earned Play Points on in-app purchases, for a sum that’s appropriate to buying value.

A GIF shared by Google showed a purchase of $9.99 worth of in-app purchases, bought with 999 Play Points! The company also said this can be shared with other payment means, and also some deals with specific content purchases. This ability will be rolling out to all regions where the Play Points are available, in the coming weeks.

Buying Content With Google Play Points

Out of the many things we take for granted from Google, their Play Points reward system is one that we don’t care about much. Based on the amount you spend in the Google ecosystem, you’ll be awarded a certain amount of Play Points for every purchase you made, probably 1.1 and 1.4 for each dollar spent.

Since we don’t care much about these points, here’s a head-up – Google is planning to let users spend these points on buying in-app content! These points are already used for buying coupons, redeeming for account credit, and some in-game content within Play Store itself.

Buying Content With Google Play Points-min

Having this ability spread to all apps is great, so be mindful of how much you’re earning from now. You can check how many play points you’ve earned till now, by going to your account profile and seeing at the top. You can use this balance to buy in-app content (shown in the redemption tab in Play Store).

Also, Google said you can split this with another means of payment, and also get exciting offers based on the app and the time you’re making a purchasing in. This ability is rolling out to all the areas where Play Points are available, in the coming weeks.

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