Instagram recently announced that they are reversing the recent changes they made to the app after a lot of criticism from celebrities and users. But this does not mean that Instagram will not make any further changes or bring any new updates to the app. We learned that Instagram is making another change which will now allow full-screen images on the app just like the reel videos. The news comes from the app’s head Adam Mosseri and he confirmed that Instagram is testing ultra-tall 9:16 photos in the coming week.

Adam Mosseri said, “You can have tall videos, but you cannot have tall photos on Instagram, so we thought maybe we should make sure that we treat both equally.” The app currently displays vertical images at 4:5 size. But the slimmer and taller images at 9:16 will fill the complete screen on the feed.

The full-screen images will look like a TikTok-style feed which may not please photographers who take high-class images with professional cameras. Because the full screen and taller images may not look good.

The Meta-owned app which is among the most used social media app has gone through many design and user interface changes over the year. Some of these changes are controversial and inspired by other social media apps while most of the design changes make the user interface more pleasant.

Adam Mosseri also admits that full-screen images do not provide a great user experience but they are still bringing the same full-screen images in the feed for all users.

I still do not know what these full-screen images will look like on the feed as there are no leaked photos with the new redesign appearing online. But still, as an active Instagram user, I am looking forward to it and want to try this new redesign with full-screen images on the feed. We also have to look at how the public handles this new redesign and what is the feedback from users.

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