Meta-owned Instant messaging app WhatsApp is lately working on many features that focus on WhatsApp groups. Now, the app is working on a feature that will let the group admin know who the past members of the group are. This new feature was spotted by WABetaInfo in the latest beta build of the app. The feature was rolled out to a limited number of beta testers last week.

Soon the feature will be available for more beta users in a few days. The feature will not only let group admins see the past members of the group but also every group member will be able to see the past members of the group or who are the members who have recently left the group.

As per the WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp beta build on Android and beta build on iOS will let group members and admin see who left the group or was removed from the group in the last sixty days. Yes, this feature will show a log of the last sixty days only. There is a new option in the “Group Info” Tab as per the current beta testers. This new option is called “See past participants”. Once a member or admin taps on that option, a list of all the members who left or were removed in the past sixty days will appear there. There is also a search bar at the top which is a useful feature, especially for groups where there are many members who left or join the group on daily basis. Businesses that usually interact with their customers and clients on WhatsApp will find this feature very helpful.

via: WABetaInfo

The previous method of notifying group members when a certain member has left the group is removed from the app. Now, only a group admin will know that a certain member has left the group through a message in the group chat. Other members will know through the “See past participants” list.

The feature is only available in the beta version of the app on Android and iOS. Soon this may reach the beta build of the app on the desktop. The official stable release of the feature is not known yet. The app will release the feature when the testing is done. That’s it. Stay tuned as we will keep our readers updated when this feature will officially be available for all users.

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