Microsoft to Contingently Offer Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch

Provided that Microsoft successfully acquired Activision, the former pledged to offer Call of Duty games to Nintendo Switch consoles for 10 years.

This was stated by Microsoft’s gaming head Phil Spencer, who earlier promised not to restrict the game (CoD) to their own but to continue on other platforms even after the Activision acquisition. Microsoft President Brad Smith has said the same too.

Call of Duty for Nintendo Switch

Just a week after Microsoft revealed acquiring Activision, FTC announced an investigation into the deal for possible anti-competitive practices. While the regulator is set to make a final hearing behind closed doors on Thursday, Microsoft is making promises to rivals not to be anti-competitive in the industry.

The company’s gaming head Phil Spencer said he’ll offer Call of Duty game to Nintendo Switch for the next 10 years, provided that Microsoft successfully acquires Activision. As the deal is strangled with several regulators in the US, UK, and EU, we might see this happen sometime next year.

Or may not if the regulators see this as an anti-competitive move. A report said that FTC is preparing to sue Microsoft as soon as this month regarding this deal, but it’s yet to happen. Well, Microsoft President Brad Smith defended these calls saying that this move by the FTC would actually hurt competition in the industry instead of fixing it.

FTC suing Microsoft to block the deal “would be a huge mistake,” he said, as they’re ready to offer competitive games for all, citing the Call of Duty. He said the company is ready to provide a “commitment to other platforms and make it legally enforceable by regulators in the US, UK, and European Union”.

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