Evidence from the earliest civilisations suggests that playing games has always been an important part of human interaction. From the bones and stones our ancestors used to more modern cards and tokens, not to mention the thousands and thousands of board games on the market today.

As soon as a technology is developed, humans naturally find ways to use it as a means of entertainment, so it’s no surprise that video games date back to the earliest days of home computing. When the staff at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with the idea for Spacewar, they tapped into something that would prove to have an almost universal appeal.

The combination of the increasingly popular idea of on-screen entertainment and the ability to interact with the game in real time was a winner. Gaming began its journey towards the mainstream back in 1962, and with more than three billion active gamers in 2023, it’s safe to say it has arrived.

The journey to mobile gaming

If anyone had told the first generation of computer owners that one day, they would have a pocket-sized machine thousands of times more powerful than their set-up, it would have been hard to believe. But as mobile technology has improved and the components have got smaller, their power and speed have increased to make them viable gaming devices.

Gamers of the past relied heavily on the quality of their equipment to ensure that they got the best gaming experience. Today, however, the quality of the graphics, sound, and capabilities of a game makes almost any game engaging and fun.

However, some games have really legitimised the idea of mobile gaming, often the ones that have had such universal appeal that they have become newsworthy for their popularity.

Pokemon Go!

Proving that there is still new ground to be broken in the world of mobile gaming, Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it was released in 2016. The ground-breaking technology allowed players to collect Pokemon from the ‘real world’ as they went about their daily activities, and this made it eminently playable.

The use of augmented reality has also made mobile gaming much more appealing by mitigating the limitations of a smaller screen by using the players’ surroundings as a backdrop for the game. With such a novel approach to gaming, it’s no surprise that this really changed the narrative about mobile gaming.

Casino games

As perennial favourites, casino games have been popular in various forms for hundreds of years. Players can choose from games of pure chance, games of skill, and those that fall in between where anything could happen.

Video versions of the most popular games have been available in casinos since the early days of video gaming, but now there are hundreds of online casinos for fans to choose from. Like their land-based counterparts, online casinos offer players a range of promotions and special offers such as those found at bonus.ca.

Mech Arena

This game allows players to assemble their ultimate fighting mech suit and put it to the test against opponents to see how it fares. Almost every element of the mech is customisable, so players can adapt every element to suit their playing or fighting style perfectly.

Part of the beauty of Mech Arena is its simplicity – it’s so easy to pick it up and have a quick battle, but there is also plenty of potential for multiplayer variants and players can put their mechs against their friends online. The diversity is another impressive aspect of this game as it offers plenty of different backdrops as well as the super-customisable mechs.

Monument Valley

Some games earn a reputation among gamers, but very few people outside of those communities are ever even aware of them. When a game crosses over from the niche to the mainstream, it demonstrates an impressive appeal, and this is certainly the case with Monument Valley.

The initial release was popular enough, but the second version, helpfully called Monument Valley 2, played on the things that made it so playable. From the puzzling geometry of the game to the sheer visual appeal of the various levels, this engaging game has a lot going for it.

Among Us

This is another game that has transcended its relatively simple routes and become so popular that it has pervaded popular culture. The premise is simple and is very similar to the popular parlour game Wink Murder, but the fact that players have to complete tasks while double-crossing their crewmates makes it utterly compelling.

From logic games and puzzles that require lateral thinking to first-person shooters and action-adventure games, there are so many games available that everyone can find something that will appeal to their tastes. Mobile gaming has become such a popular pastime that many of the games available are high quality and really fun to play.

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